The 5 Turret Barrels

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This has been a problem in a lot of the games I play, people fight over what the barrels should be. It especially ticks me off when I specifically play defense and some flag capper is changing it to whatever he wants and then goes on the offensive.

The Plasma Barrel, I used to hate it, but found a new liking to it, shots far, pretty accurate, hurts, and I have seen it take out shrikes that fly by to close.

The Missile barrel, I hate it, the only kills it gets are lights that ran out of flares.

The AA barrel, the other bread and butter barrel, the other being the plasma. It Shoots all vehicles and any one in the sky.

Mortar barrel, this seems to be a lot of peoples popular choice, its very situational, I have been tked by this thing more than it kills the enemy some games, destroys all deployables and has an astronomical range (both a pro and a con).

The ELF barrel, another situational, popular on the MPB by the flag but it rarely works, Flag cappers come in at mach 5 an barely get zapped by it, and a HOF with an elf can work just fine.

What is everyone else’s opinions on these, how their used, pros cons, yada yada.


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  • I prefer the AA turret barrel.
    The plasma is OK.

    The mortar TK's so much and that gets really sickening to be in the middle of a fight playing LD and your own turret TKs you.
    The ELF only really works on slow speed FC's and I don't really see much use for it. Although on some maps it works great.
    The Missile is a FAIL and it barely ever works.
  • This thread is about the turret barrels, not how to spell "turret".
  • In base, the only turret ever worth using is AA, the others are so easy to dodge they're complete jokes.

    Classic changes the plasma and mortar turret (harr) enough so they actually can hit some stuff, making them actually viable.
    Personally I'd pick plasma over AA in situations where you know the enemy will have to be in relatively close proximity of the turret (eg base entrance on Sub-Zero), which makes the projectile travel less of an issue while the fact that plasma shoots without a heat signature actually makes the thing useful. Otherwise go with the AA generally since it's more useful against airborne things and more accurate at longer ranges.

    Mortar turrets generally are terrible because they TK teammates and rape your spike/clamp farm (read: it will destroy more of your useful defence than it destroys enemies) which is why they're a retarded choice for the vast majority of situations.

    Missiles turrets actually have good use on some maps, though more in the role of keeping enemy Shrikes a safe distance away than intercepting enemy players.

    Don't really know if ELF turrets are of any use in classic? I was thinking of Ramparts first, but then realized you'd need a HoF to keep the capper in turret range long enough in which case you'd do just fine without the ELF anyway.
  • The elf barrel is useless in my opinion. A SKILLED capper can breeze right through the flag stand and grab it without any problem, unless you got a HOF, which is why I say a skilled capper.

    The Mortar barrel is only useful on maps where you like have a "midpoint" base. Mortar barrels shouldn't be deployed anywhere near your main base. Too many TK's and fucks up your deployables. Not to mention you get a random newb who gets trigger happy and likes to control it.

    I have the same opinion for missles. Again, not appropiate for main base and flag but good for remote locations so when you do have a capper midfield and you own the midpoint base, it might get them when they run out of flares.

    By far, Plasma and AA barrels are the best all around. The main base should have both kinds deployed where applicable (AA's near flag stand to shoot down shrike and capper and plasma on outskirts to defend again heavies and other threats.
  • Inferno's front to back route on SH is one of the best routes in the game and it is shut down by a working elf turret and none of the others.

    Mortar turret is great for pissing off teammates. I frequently use it.

    But, one of the best players in the game for many years now is the classic plasma turret. When a plasma turret is playing any non-sj enemy can't go within 80 meters of his position. An incredible force of destruction and he 's a great shot.
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    Imo you should'nt move or take out someone eles's "D" or move someone else's mobile. Some may take this statement to it's extreme but I wont give a crap.

    And since folks are shiting on Mortar turrets, I say it is perfect primary defence turret barrel when being overrun.
  • I prefer the AA or plasma most of the time.Elf in very few situations and mortar I hate for the most part.Why people arent to smart were they put it.Mortar can be useful in some placements but not on a turret near the flag or near your base.Why you just end up blowing up your own deployables or teamates and it does more harm than good.
  • My SJ pack laughs at your turrets fwahahahaha!

    I too hate mortar turrets btw.. More harm than good on MOST maps.
  • I like AA near flag and plasma near base.

    You want to use AA's to defend the flag 'cause the projectiles are way harder to dodge than any others... mostly they do atleast some damage to the incoming or escaping capers.
    Plasma turrets are good to defend the base 'cause it's impossble to destroy them as a LO (AA, mortar and missle barrels are no problem to destroy). As a heavy you can take em out from distance though. The damage they do is pretty good aswell.... equals a disck hit I think... kills a scout in 2 hits :D
    Mortar barrels are rather easy to take out. If you get close to them they stop shooting. A bit chain+nades and it's fucked. Yet, they do kill a lot of incoming attackers.... just with everything and everyone standing too close to the enemy.
    Missil barrels are only good to chase away shrikes.
    Elfs are good if you get em up near a plasma turret ;D But I also think that they suck if you want to defend the flag with em.
  • There is one thing that i am sure ,i fucking hate those mortar turrets and il be glad to see them removed on goon lol

    My policy, if I see a mortar turret on someone's back near our base, instant lance.
  • Plasma turrets are good to defend the base 'cause it's impossble to destroy them as a LO

    I actually have seen a single LO destroy a plaz turret. It takes a really good LO, though. Of course, the other way to do it is to run up, MD it, then run down just below its minimum firing angle so that it shoots at you and ends up shooting the structure it's standing on, thereby damaging itself... I've killed plasma turrets that way in light. It's hard, though. I usually only manage by luck.

    I definitely think plasma is the best for base defense, though. It's easy to dodge if you're concentrating only on dodging, but if an LD comes up and distracts you, you often get hit with a Blue Ball of Death before you realize that you've forgotten to dodge.
    AA is good for a flag turret on most maps, as most cappers use light armor and fly in at high speeds. An AA turret is also really hard to dodge without completely using up your energy, which cappers REALLY hate to do, as it screws up their getaway.
    Missile turrets can be useful for outlying/midfield turrets, especially if somebody's doing offensive shriking, because they will damage the shrike before it gets to your base. However, they are very little good on the base or flag, as most LO/cappers carry flares and most good HO don't jet enough to get hit very often.
    ELF is only useful in high quantities. If you get a map with 2 ELF flag turrets, and park an MPB on the flag with an ELF turret as well, it will mess up an incoming capper pretty badly. A single ELF turret is very little good, however, because of its limited range and stopping power (it can't hit a capper long enough to do any good, and any decent HO could take it down before it did him much damage).
    Mortar turres should almost never be deployed at the base, either on the flag or on base turrets. They TK, take out farms, and make general nuisances of themselves to everyone around (and the team whose base it is generally outnumber the enemies at their base, so they get annoyed by the mortar more). However, mortar turrets can be useful midfield.
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