The Goon server is a POS



  • Damn.

    I just get my computer back up and running (HDD clicks of death. lol), and I miss out on some good drama.

    Damn you, Technology!
  • This entire thread makes me think of GoonSwarm on EVE.
  • thebeazthebeaz Waffe Des Gottes
    Well, "Goon" in both cases refers to SA. However while GoonSwarm is focused on destroying and humiliating anyone that isn't within the tribe, I try to run a friendly, fun server.
  • I've had some good times on GoonHaven. I like that all players are welcome as long as they dont' intentionally grief.
  • whats the tk limit?
  • 20 TKs is the TK limit. Most griefers hit the score limit (-50) before they hit the TK limit.
  • yeah, and many are voted off or kicked by admin before that.
  • I'd kick Charlie if I had the chance.

    (which is saying something because I probably average 2 kicks per month tops)
  • goon haven is a p decent pub. For 60 people it's one of the least laggy servers but yeah it's pretty lag when 45+ are there. The admins are surprisingly good but the map selection is terrible. overall several ranks above rebels/ewo/hv. Top notch lame pub action.

    You're probably getting yourself unnecessarily frustrated, charlie, by worrying about the fire when the server is aflame. Much better to go with the flow at those times and help it burn. In lame pub action, the key is to be the lamest.
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