Freeze immediately after mouse wiggle

Friend is trying to establish acct on his computer but is getting a problem similar to what's been mentioned in other threads here. The issue is that there hasn't been any real answer to it, only to telling people to 'wait' but that's *after* they click the "Generate Key" button.

The problem exists right after wiggling, as soon as the wiggling is done, the game freezes to a halt, and he is unable to click the generate key button. There is no message or prompt that pops up telling him to wait, as he hasn't even clicked the button yet. This goes on for a couple minutes until he sees need to close up the locked app.

Is this supposed to happen? I understand it freezing for 10 minutes and on during key generation, but what is actually going on here? Does this need to be waited out longer or is it an error that needs to be resolved somehow? Anyways, thanks in advance.


  • ThythThyth Apotheosis Incarnate
    What are the specifications on the system?

    The game churns the random number generator once it is seeded, to provide additional entropy. On a very low end system this might overwhelm the CPU.
  • Last time I checked with him it was around 1.2 ghz. I will have to get back to him on it to verify. I do realize that it is quite an outdated low-end computer, so that may very well explain it.

    In any case, now that I recognize it's not a fluke, I'll have to ask him to wait longer next time.
  • KrashKrash Neptune Sleeps
    If it's slowing down at that point, you'll want to try to get the mouse as near to the generate button as you can before the count ends, and click the button if at all possible.

    That function does run pretty frequently, so maybe we can see about tweaking it or adding a debug variable for lower-end machines later.
  • That happened to me a few times. I kept trying it and it eventually didn't do it any more.
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