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  • how the hell did you get fiber internet

    also, i would open up 27999 too
  • 27999-28001 are open? Well, run an IPCONFIG and make sure you redirected it to the right address.
  • when you open ports on your router, you have to choose an ip address to forward it to
  • You could just set the IP of your computer to the DMZ, but i don't recommend it. Its a fail-safe plan depending on your setup, but leaves all ports open...
  • perhaps your system is blocking and not the innerweb?
  • what os is the server running?
  • well the deal is when you host a dedicated server you cant play on the same system that hosts the server

    the os and hardware you have are more than you need to host a good server so that is not an issue

    you may need to create a firewall rule to pass traffic to and from your server

    youd be better off just using an old system for the server and run it to your router, just about anything over 600mhz and at least 512 ram will do great

    i use ispawn or similar for all my game servers as it offers the restart ability if it crashes, and is an easy way to pass parameters to the server

    this will hopefully get you started with the xp firewall ports:
  • its not the case that the router/computer is blocking it, seeing you have added exceptions, the gateway is recieving traffic, but does not know what to do with it.

    You need to find a method to direct traffic on the server port to the server itself.
    if you think the problem is to do with your PC Firewall, and you are still not recieving traffic, get rid of windows firewall (IT SUCKS, SRSLY) and get a better, free one like comodo, configure the rules to allow your port.
    If you think its your router, direct traffic on that port to your Lan IP Address, this is done by connecting to it through a web browser, and adding a rule that states all traffic on this port is directed to your PC, should tell you everything.

    Also, Yes you can play on the same system. you should use your LAN IP Address to connect to your server, no loopbacks (, or localhost). press INSERT and type in your LAN IP and Port: i.e:, Leave "IP:" in.

    Thats more than enough info to fix some stuff ^_^
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