OMG> i want my old CD and recordings back .

all those recordings I been gathering for years. :( should've made some copies. >:(


  • haha ruber i cant help but laugh at your new dp lol..

    and on topic, i know, ive lost so many recordings its crazy, if only my computer didn't blow up in 04..
  • Same thing happened to me, I just lost all of the TN recordings I was going to use to make a compilation. Damn hard drives...
  • So my conclusion is:
    Tribes recordings are harmful to optical and magnetical drives (blowing up hard drives, and makes CD lost). I can't know if they're dangerous to paper - but You could try to write down them on a solid paper.
  • Mole - I still have some crazy films from the HV days. Obviously they'll be from my POV, but you still see a lot of names, etc. You might be on one of them! It's very interesting...
  • I wish I had made more recordings back in the day. I only made a handful that I released to the public. I suppose there is no hope of ever finding them again though. There is one I am really hoping to find one day though. It was called "dws vs pub" very fun video of the good old days.
  • Putting a hard drive in a freezer for an extended amount of time recovers some magnetic properties. Or in other words, "data".
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