Hey folks!

I'm a Tribes:AA bro. Which means I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing here. But don't hold that against me.

I just had a fit of nostalgia watching some old gameplay videos, and now I'm trying to convince myself to get into some PC Tribes action. I don't even have the game yet. I just wanted to jump into the community asaFUCKINGp.

I've gathered that the general consensus is that Tribes: Aerial Assault was the illigitimate, bastard, underdeveloped half-sister of Tribes 2, but to be honest, the community is what kept me playing T:AA.

So I guess what I should be asking is: Is T2 alive?


  • There's one large pub (Goon Haven) with players of various skill levels and population on almost 24/7, there's a smaller pub (Branzone Central) that is usually only active in the evenings US time but has higher level players and a non-homotastic map rotation. There's also pickup games every now and then, if you want in on those you should probably lurk in #lastgasp on tribalwar IRC.

    We're on life support I guess, but far from dead.
  • you have nothing to lose, at least killing peeps will be much more rewarding without auto aim.

    if you like T2:AA then in theory you should love T2
  • thebeazthebeaz Waffe Des Gottes
    Homotastic, nice.

    Looking forward to seeing a new face in Goon Haven. Good luck learning the game.
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