IRC Problem With Complicated Name

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I keep getting IRC connect errors. In the console, here's the specific problem it shows:
(cmd:) 432 [JOT$]_Denalin :Erroneous Nickname: Illegal characters
(cmd:) 451 WHOIS :You have not registered

...I would be using my preferred account "Denalin" but... well its got some password problems. I'm writing a script to guess its password until I get it right.


  • This is because you have a $ symbol in your login. The game attempts to use your login as the IRC nick, and IRC doesn't allow for dollar signs in nicks. I have the same problem with my login, 404notfound, since you can't start nicks with numbers (I tend to go by |404notfound on IRC, with the pipe in front).
  • When Sierra was hosting I don't believe I had any problems with a login name involving a $.
    Is there anything I can do to access the IRC other than making a new account?
  • KrashKrash Neptune Sleeps
    Sierra also used a custom IRC server requiring your account to link up.

    You can connect to the irc server from outside the game with the address in the footer, or you can set the following in your console before reconnecting in-game:
    $IRCClient::NickName = "Denalin";

    I'll add something in to check if the names don't contain bad characters in a later update.
  • Understanding this topic hasn't been posted in for over 120 days.
    I typed in the following
    $IRCClient::NickName = "Arctic_Winter";
    And yet it still comes up with an error "Bad Hostname : Could not resolve IRC server address"
    If someone has a fix for this tell me. Side note: I also used my JetBu account with no weird caracters in it and still got the same error. It also shows no servers on the server list after the error comes up, all except the favorites which i have few of them.
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