help me UE error 0000005 0000000

can someone help me? whenever i try to get tribes 2 to run, the screen goes black for a few seconds, and i get a UE error. i'm thinking it's because of full screen, but i can't find the "clientprefs" file. can someone link the code to me?


  • ive run it before on this computer, and it worked fine. it has all the original parts that it had when i played, but it still won't work. i'm assuming that its because of full screen, but since i can't find the client file in my prefs folder i just don't know what to do.
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    Did you look in "C:\Dynamix\Tribes2\GameData\base\prefs" folder (If you installed at the default location)?

    [NOTE: If there isn't a clientPrefs.cs inside that folder, you can create one. Just right click inside the folder, New > Text Document. Rename it to ClientPrefs.cs (You must unhide extensions to change the file extension XP/Vista/7) and put the stuff below inside of the file]

    in "clientPrefs.cs" look for
    $pref::Video::fullScreen = "1";
    change to:
    $pref::Video::fullScreen = "0";

    then look for
    $pref::Video::resolution = "1024 768 32";
    "1024 768 32" might have different numbers, thats ok.
    change to:
    $pref::Video::resolution = "800 600 32";

    then double check that these values are correct in your clientPrefs.cs:
    $pref::Interior::VertexLighting = "0";
    $pref::OpenGL::allowCompression = "1";
    $pref::OpenGL::compressionHint = "GL_FASTEST";
    $pref::Video::allowOpenGL = "1";
    $pref::Video::preferOpenGL = "1";
    $pref::Video::displayDevice = "OpenGL";

    EDIT: Took some info from

    If those two code snippets are not in the file, add them to the bottom of the file.
    Hopefully this remedies your solution if you say you been able to run it before.
  • ok, i tried that, still tries to go full screen and UEs shortly after attempting to open
  • What's your computer specs?
  • well, i got it to work on my laptop so i guess i can just play on that untill i can buy a new computer. my laptop got the UE but it had the ability to take tribes out of full screen and that cleared up the problem with it. i guess i can just reformat my old computer and it might clear it up. for now, im just gonna have to settle with the laggy laptop.
  • This might help you if you use vista. Read my post here:
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