Dedicated server map rotation?

I'm one of the admins from Goon Haven public servers and I was wondering if anyone knew where I could find the file that contains the information for the map rotation. As it stands I can only add/remove maps one by one from the rotation, and have no way of switching the order. Where can I find the file that contains this info?


  • Depends on if you're using an admin mod or not.

    If you are using evolution admin mod, it comes with an instruction file on how to modify the rotation, etc.
    If running vanilla Classic, you can use the admin hud to remove a mission from the rotation list.
    Also, there's mission rotation control in your serverPrefs.cs that can be configured to skip by player count, etc (it's hard to use, I would suggest getting an admin mod like EVo or something).
  • KrashKrash Neptune Sleeps
    The cycle information isn't stored in a file, but rather in a few global variables generated when the server starts. The variables in serverprefs are only used to set the min/max players needed to play a certain map.

    If you're running classic, you could also enable a random cycle with: $Host::ClassicRandomMissions = 1;
    But other than that the default action is to cycle alphabetically (by the .mis filename). A lot of admin mods will contain their own methods of creating an ordered cycle, but if you want to try a quick package fix, you can throw the attachment in.
    To use it, you'd need to fill the missions.txt file (you'll have to add every map you want it to go through) with the order you want them to play in and set $Host::MissionRotates = 1;

    The format for missions in the file is:
    MissionType MissionName
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