Whose amazing idea was this??? I have friends and we've been DYING to play Tribes 2. It's all but dead and it's one of the greatest fucknig games ever made. SO SICK of the shit that comes out now..

Call of Duty: Modern Suckass 2. Bad Cuntany 2.

All these games blow. You guys brought back Tribes 2. I feel like I owe someone a blow job, whose up?

This is amazing. Thank you. Seriously.


  • Hi to you too.
  • Hah.

    Dude sorry I'm just pretty stoked. This is awesome. In a time where everything sucks... movies... music... games... it's refreshing to see people still have good taste in the classics.
  • I feel like I owe someone a blow job, whose up?
    I'll get one from your sister, don't mind me.

    Welcome back to Tribes 2!
  • I feel sorry for you. This site has been up for a year and a half I believe? Well, it's always great to see more people playing.

    And Bad Company 2 isn't bad. It's good, just wish they made a few adjustments (namely allowing you to talk to the entire team instead of just your squad)
  • dont let that enthusiasm (for t2) go to waste, tell all your friends and relatives to dl the game if they wanna and jump in
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