Rumble Server

Thought this last weekend I would give the good ole War 2003 mod a try. Went to the rumble server as that i used to be in TheFallen Back in the day. Well a guy named 1shotkill started to accuse me of using cheats.... because he was skiing down hills and did not think i should be able to shoot him. He threatened to ban me from the server if I did not tell him where i got the cheat. After i REPEATEDLY told him i was NOT cheating. Never used cheats... Never Will. When he logged into that server it said he was a clan member. Will someone please look into this for me please. I do not like being falsely accused of something simply because I can snipe pretty well.



  • Hello Tribes 2 Player "PapaBear", and welcome to Tribes 2!
  • You joined a newb server and a random newb accused you of cheats. You should have expected as much, honestly. That's what random newbs do, especially when in the comfort of their own newb servers.
  • Just play on another server.
  • lol ty kryand. and eolk i await your return the theater is getting the seats almost finished. ;=P

    ~"Chiefy"BlackHawk aka PapaBear
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