Should bioderms have there own team?

They have there own map, structures, flag, and team name (Horde; gamegui.cs (1594))
And can someone please tell me what the story justification for the bioderms [edit]being on any team and not have there own team.[/edit](post reply)
I am currently trying to create a team for them but its a bit for a hack and its driving me up the wall.


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    Bioderms were man made fighters (human created warriors), who started a rebellion. They'r the reason why humanity is scattered across the universe.

    They all belong to the same faction/tribe/team - the horde.

    Edit: The story is only imprtant in the Offline Missions (or whatever they are named).
    Online the fraction/tribe (Horde, Bloodeagle, Starwolf , Diamond Sword..... ) has no real importance. What you could do, however, is to create your own tribe where you accept only players who use Bioderms.
  • The skill of the players would be unbalanced. What if the Boiderm players are much stronger than the Human-using people. That would create a biased game.
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