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  • Hey guys :)

    I originally started playing Tribes 2 when it was released. I played solidly for a couple of years, at which point the community seemed to die out and everyone went their own way. Despite that Tribes 2 has always remained my favourite MP game by far... so I was chuffed to bits when I got wind of Tribes Next ;D

    A big shout to all the oldies out there - I've played in both (OAP) and [BDX] under the aliases Blade_UK, GPS and German Porn Star (don't ask :p). It has been a long time though; prior to installing TN the last time I played I was a 15/16 years old. I'm now 23 - how time flies eh? :o

    Anyway, it's great to be back and I'm still in awe of the fact that after all this time T2 still manages to be the best game I've ever played (and believe me, I've played 'em all).



  • My 2 favorite RPG/MMO games were T2 and Nox.
  • My 2 favorite RPG/MMO games were T2 and Nox.

    Tribes 2 is neither an rpg nor an mmo, and Nox was hardly an mmo
  • *Whooosh*

    What was that?
    Did you hear that, virgnarus?
  • Tribes 2 vet here :) *waves @ Dredboss*
  • I still have Nox and in its box ... lol, haven't touched that in like 10 years ... well I guess 8 and 300+ days since it came out the end of Jan 2000.
  • Played T2 since 2001. Logged more hours of my life into this game than any other. Still great memories.

    I just hope to be able to experience some of those great moments again.
  • I was samrt ;) and I zipped up my Dynamix folder a long time ago. You can copy this folder anywhere, carry it on a jump drive and play right out of it without installing.

    I love how easy Tribes 2 is ...
  • I'm here. Unfortunately I never got into much competition. I remember being in a Tribe a loooooong time ago...Created by the guy who made RefereeMod...I don't remember his name...Monkeysomething?

    =TA= was the clan I think.
  • Started out with Tribes 1, mostly played the HaVoC mod. Logged a LOT of hours in on that game, joined a clan, did some ladder comps. Moved to T2 as soon as it came out (still have the original box, even), and played under the name Giacomo.

    I'm so stoked to be able to play this again, especially since my computer sucks, but runs this 8-year old game beautifully! Hadn't been able to play a PC game in MONTHS, and I'm a PC gamer through-and-through, so I can't even begin to express how happy I am to be able to use my keyboard & mouse for their PROPER purpose once again!

    Only other game I've played as much as Tribes has been Battlefield 1942/BF2, so obviously I love team-based multiplayer FPS games...
  • Right on dudes. I played T1, T2, and of course watched the TV shamble from start to finish. Love the game. Love classic CTF. Just polished up my spinfuser to dish out some blue-plate specials!
  • Well....I've been playing under this name for a decade at least...T1 & T2
    then onwards to Medal of Honor, Quake2, Wolfenstein, etc...
    Gave up gaming for about the last 4-5 years...
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    If you played the game at release and you're just now coming back, that doesn't make you a veteran. A veteran is someone "who has had long service or experience." Technically, the people who started playing in 2004 and haven't quit are more of a "veteran," because they have more years of active playing under their belt than those who played prior to 2004 and quit.
  • From release in T1 I played HO/HoF only, I was a little too trigger happy so my clan mates wanted me at the pointy end so I wasn't shooting at them :D.....I played Base only
  • Well, OK...Uh, Thanks, I guess, for correcting
  • Yah I reckon I'm a veteran. Just loaded up Next yesterday. Haven't played since 2005 though so I'm a bit sketchy as to judging spinfusor shots and what not.

    Never was into competition. A few pick up games here and there but mostly just played whenever I had the time, couldn't really schedule my life around a video game. I mostly played as a flag runner (still do!). Sitting around watching our flag wave in the wind isn't really my thing.

    But I'm kind of disappointed to see that heavies can ski as fast as scouts now. But I reckon I'll get over it. Just not a big fan of change I guess. And I heard cheating is rather rampant now? Don't know how true that is but there's been a LOT of 'skilled' shots that make me raise an eyebrow.

    But damn, it's still the fast paced fun I remember it being. Way better than Counter-Strike and the ilk.

    Edit: Oh I don't know if anyone would remember me (like I said, I just pubbed or did PUs so wasn't really in any kind of 'community') but I would've gone by a few names like Shiv, Shivalyn, Caco, Caco-Cola, or Cacon.
  • I have played Tribes from T1 through the beginning / end of T.V. Mostly T2 Siege with some area and duel mixed in. Hopefully I will see some familiar faces coming back.

  • whatup to everyone I played with, if you remember my tag send me a message telling me what your new t2 name is, if you changed it. peace
  • Heres some of me:
    DarkCrow (got hacked :( )

    thats it, i have more names, but I wont post.
  • I played a game with cmose last week. It's really nice to see so many old friends around, though I'm still wondering where Dark-Demon is.
  • im a vet, played Tribes 1 since Diamond MultiMedia server was online, mostly Shifter and Renegades. Got the name from the bugman skin. Played Tribes 2 since April 4th. Never touched vengance after the beta was a POS. ;D
  • I remember Necro... I was finally let into Houston Vehicles (clan) around the time Miami Vehicles was getting large. Any HVers or MVers out there? The last time I logged in and played some online CTF was middle of last year (2008). I had heard about the T1 server plugs being pulled but I wasn't aware that they nixed the T2 servers. Thank God for all the hard core peeps at TribesNext. I will donate as soon as I get a few extra dollars. -Kiele
  • Got the game the week it came out. I'm 14 and have been playing since. What does that tell you?

    I've been playing for more than half of my life. I remember getting the game (well my dad got it) it was a cool experience.
  • I played a lot of T1 back in the day...still have the old promo T-shirt ("No Man Is An Island") never joined any clans or scrims, just pubbie play. Tried T2 at one point but never got into it...when I heard someone mention TNext on some other game board I just had to come back.
  • Oh, yeah, I'm a veteran. Played the original Tribes until T2 came out. Then I joined Desert Rats and played plenty of TWL matches. This is the greatest team multiplayer game out there, though TF2 is trying to take me away from Tribes 2.
  • Hey folks. Been way too long since we all got together.
    I doubt any of you will remember me, seeing as how I was never that good at anything, except taking out the occasional shrike with a wildcat on a certain ice-covered map ^_^

    I hope to correct this, though, and I`ll see all of you in the crosshairs as soon as the download is done.

    For those interested, I was in Imperator Invictus.
  • I used to play Tribes as a heavy armored gravely voiced "Janet Reno". Like the joke-- "why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly?" "Because Janet Reno is her real dad"--it was both topical and fresh way back then.

    I'm the best heavy.
  • I didn't start playing until pretty late - not too soon before EWo took over from MV. I've always been just another pubbie playing under various names, but I vividly recall being on the recieving end of many Latex' mortars :V

    Seen some other memorable names in-game ocassionally from the MV/EWo period too, OrkFromMork, Nostradamus, OrPlanB, various HV people and others who'm I've unfortunately forgotten for the moment.
  • but I vividly recall being on the recieving end of many Latex' mortars :V
    Heh, yeah.
    Seen some other memorable names in-game ocassionally from the MV/EWo period too, OrkFromMork, Nostradamus, OrPlanB, various HV people and others who'm I've unfortunately forgotten for the moment.
    A lot of those names are familiar to me. If you've seen these guys, you've definitely seen me or one of my aliases.
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