Using same account details for multiple people.

The sydney t2 community have organised a LAN at a internet Cafe in the city this saturday and some of the people attending need logins but due to only being able to make 1 account a week i did a search and came across this;

If somebody in your household has generated an account, you can both share (connect at the same time with) that account until the seven day waiting period has expired"

it reads as if we could in theory use one username and password for everyone or atleast the people without accounts yet. I wanted to make sure this is correct, otherwise i'll have to find other people to make accounts for people.



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    If you are doing a LAN, and do not need to connect to any servers on the master list, just use -nologin on the Tribes2.exe shortcut.

    Or are you looking to connect to the master list and play?

    EDIT: For people to share to credentials, have them copy your gamedata/ and gamedata/ into their /gamedata/ folder before they login. This should circumvent any errors around retrieving the credentials through the Tribes Next login screen.
  • Multiple users can simultaneously use an account. There's no restriction in the login process to prevent that (nor is there a real reason to have such a restriction for a free game). If users of the same account connect to the same server, any duplicates will be sequentially numbered with a .# at the end of their name. If a user with a shared account is kicked or banned from a server, it may simultaneously disconnect all users of that account, but otherwise there should be no differences in playing the game.

    Additionally, if indeed you are just playing LAN games without connecting to any online servers, running the game with the Offline/LAN shortcut, and setting up a local LAN server would mean you don't need to deal with accounts (or the TribesNext system) at all.
  • Excellent, thankyou!

    We are intending to connect to our GameArena server so other people who are unable to attend the LAN can join in the fun.

    Thanks a lot for the help. :D
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