imminent trolling...

Did you ever get the feeling that your favorite troll was just lurking on the forum preparing to post another aggression provoking offensive topic?

We know you're out there. Don't disappoint your fan base.


  • I guess now we know who is two-faced.
    Subject: truce.
    hey man, what positions do you play best?

    which maps have the most interesting/effective cap routes, or are most fun to play as a capper?

    Good morning Kryand, how are things where you're at?
  • Wow.

    Fan base disappointed.

    Go back into hiding.
  • Let's all just try to remember the old Abstract, before his rage-filled incoherent mental breakdown.
  • So many flame wars on the forums this week....
  • Meh +1 post even though I don't play Tribes 2 anymore :(
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