Hi, New player here.

Hi, I used to play Ascend, but my computer is too slow to play it. I hope this doesn't have as many problems as it did ;D

I would appreciate if anyone could tell me what servers are the most friendly and don't go "OMG NOOB [insert player here]" all the time.


  • Hello. :) It's always good to have a new player. Yes, some people will be ugly to you. However, just ignore them. :) I'm somewhat new myself. No, I didn't come here from Ascend. I'm rJay. A Tribes 2 Mapper. Yes, Tribes 2 has some bugs. But there are tricks to get around most of them. If you have the time, I suggest reading about Tribes 2 as much as possible before game-play. It's what I did. However, if what you're reading is old enough, you'll hear of a fine community of awesome people. This no longer exists. I came here with high expectations. I didn't get it. However, it is still the most wonderful game on Planet Earth. :)

    Now, for the best server. Do you know about MODs? MODs are the same game, just with changes made to it. i.e.: More weapons, more vehicles, more armor types etc... I suggest starting out on Classic Tribes 2. Join the Goon Haven Server. Visit/Join the Goon Haven community. My name is rJay there as well. You can check out my latest work on my profile page. :) Once you've played a while (at least a few months), check out some great MODs. I map for Goon Haven as well as the BIO MOD, and \\\\\\\Smokeshop///// servers. I'm also an Admin on GOVANATOR HEAVY METAL.

    About BIO MOD: This MOD is for advanced players hosted by ^bdc. Try this after a few months of Goon Haven (Classic).

    About Smokeshop: This is an Arena server (Base) hosted by bakerdude. I suggest playing this as much as Goon Haven.

    About GOVANATOR HEAVY METAL: The Heavy Metal MOD is an old Tribes MOD. GOVANATOR hosts this server. I suggest trying this MOD after a good long while at Classic.

    About Triumph Bot Abuse 300 Maps: This is also an advanced player MOD hosted by Red Shifter. I think. IDK if he does, though. I suggest trying this MOD after a good long time at Classic.
    The difference between Base and Classic Tribes 2:

    Tribes 2 came out in 2001 on a CD-ROM. The Base MOD is what the original game that was distributed by Dynamix.
    The Classic MOD was an improved version that came out a few years later. It's not any different game-play wise, however, it added a few things. Like a Chaingun on the Wildcat Grav-cycle. It added Mine-disking. (throwing a mine at a player, and shooting it mid-air with a Spinfusor Disk.) It added a 'hit' sound when you damage a player. It added more (un bot supported) maps. These are among others.

    So, go to GoonHaven.org, and check it out. Also, if you're looking for friendly, you won't find it much. They are out there, though. ;) Your best bet for friendly would be one of the MOD servers. ^bdc's BIO MOD the most. Goon Haven isn't friendly, but has by far the most players on at once. (Sometimes up to 40-50 in a match on a really really good Saturday night. ;) ) Also, is jwapplephobia going to be your player name, or will it be something different? If so, say here. Mine is rJay. I'm 17 years old, and have been playing 10 months today. :) I'm from Georgia, USA. :)

    WELCOME!!! HAVE FUN!!! God bless!
  • It's nice to see such a long welcome message at least :D

    I've only tried two servers so far. I heard of Goon Haven before, but in a negative way. I still went there because it was the only one I knew anything about. It was okay, nobody said anything, no spammers. Not sure what to think of it because of my inexperience. I tried the meltdown 2 server too, I like it but it can be buggy sometimes. Often my spin jams on setting 3.

    This community seems good enough. I can handle a bad community (I played League of Legends for a half year), but sometimes they get on my nerves when I argue.

    I know what mods are, I played a bit of Minecraft and got deep enough into modding. I didn't go on any modded minecraft servers though. I think I'll try some of the Tribes mods a bit early, once I can land midairs like I used to in Ascend (my brother's laptop can run it just fine).

    I heard of the classic thing, but I remember it as a community made mod that made the physics engine closer to that of T1.

    My IGN is jwapplephobia. I turned 13 a week ago, I'll let you draw your own conclusions on that. I live in Virginia.
  • jwapplephobia,

    Nice to see you found this website. I will let you know as a general precaution (on any website) that you should keep personal details off any account you own. Nobody really cares how old you are anyway, just play the game.

    But, still, welcome!
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    No conclusions. You're good. Don't let people drag you down about your age.
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