TribesNext offiicial Facebook page ?

I would make this page but I think Thyth has the rights. If we work together we can build it up in facebook. it really works for business. What do you guys think ? Who has the Most time to run a personal tribes page and help promote a like page.. .


  • I'd be willing to moderate, but I couldn't donate a ton of time to expanding it...
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    A Gaming Platform ahead of its time.
    No successful successor could be excepted.
    A Game with map creation ability.
    A Game that could be scripted.
    A Game that could be recreated through Modding.
    64 player servers.
    Capture the Flag,Team Death Match, Death Match,Team Aerial Combat.
    Bases with generators,inventory stations, vehicle stations and turrets and
    deployable turrets that can be destroyed and rebuilt.
    Playable maps that have no limit on size.
    A Game Bill Gates said was a mistake.
    Companies That bought this franchise became very frustrated by the fact of
    failure to recreate this game. All their efforts fell short. their biggest mistake
    was making Tribes2 free. They made this game free to download and gave out free cd keys to promote Tribes3.Tribes3 was created on the Unreal engine this version had small maps and was not as free spirited as Tribes2 so for all their efforts all the players went to Tribes2. Tribes 2 now had become bigger then ever. In desperation this company started stripping away chat, clan tags and started turning off the master server for a day here and there and even up to one and two weeks at a time. Every Time the master server came back up less players would
    return. This company finally announced They would be shutting down the master server forever.
    In 2009 a Hero stepped forward we call Thyth and Programmed a patch to allow Tribes2 to have a master server.
    This patch we call TribesNext. TribesNext does not effect copy rights because it is an outside executable. with this patch we can have our own password protected user names.
    Instructions for downloading Tribes2 and the TribesNext patch are at has forums and support to help you with applying the Patch to the game.
    Please LIKE and Share this Post We want thousands

    Tribes 2 - Out of Time
    A tribute to Tribes 2, greatest game ever. Thanks to all the contributing players! (over 50 by the way) Made by -Sh4dow-, a.k.a Shad from idk? in Tribes Asce...
    I am going to whore this on facebook if you guys have a facebook click the link at the top and share. I use a lot of facebook local buy and sales. If you guys are not apart of any buy and sale groups on facebook.. . From facebook go to the search bar and type the name of your town or surrounding towns and follow it with buy and sale. After the buy and sales come up click on them and you will be asked to join. After a day or so someone from that buy and sale group will add you. then you are free to whore away ;)
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    I think we can make a like page for TribesNext. We can Make a fund we can share. An Account to pay face book to promote the page. I will donate as much as I can. Maybe 200 to go to FaceBook to blast our page in the system. what do you guys think? we can make tribes 2 so big that HiRez will think agian about their tribes gold lol
  • Im finding all kinds of gaming groups on facebook. Im blasting all over the place
  • You could try to get a hold of Krash as well.

    He & Thyth were the project leads of TN.
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