I regret to inform TribesNext members that I can no longer be an active member of TribesNext or the T2 community as a whole. This doesn't mean I'll never play again. It means I am not gonna be there every day or at a set time. This is due to real life events which isn't anyone here's business. Good games. It's been a fun 4 and a half years.



  • You are to young to retire.....from tribes
  • Don't leave us like this! We must know every detail of your business!
  • You'll be back. We all come back. :]
  • I have played twice since. Unfortunately it does appear as if that will become even less now than it already is. :( I miss it.
  • Yes, sadly all t2 installs have been deleted and there are no reachable online servers.

    All is lost.
  • Please tell me this is real up and running???!!! 😨 if it is I will be beyond excited!!!
  • It is real and up and running. :)
    Download the game and patch here on
    Download the map pack that's required for Snap Crackle Pub (the only Classic server anyone's ever on) here:
    And download the tourneyNetClient.vl2 here:
  • I may require some help getting all of this in. I have a new computer on the way and new service being put in but when those are done I'm in!!! MidnightThunder will be back!!! "Beep-Beep-BOOM" I still have it loaded on an old computer from my original disc and play the training vs bots every so often when I get
  • Your disc install will no longer work; you'll need the one from this website and the patch. If you need any help, just ask. :3
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