Hey guys!!!!

i just installed tribes next and started playing again. where is everyone at?
let me know if you guys want to start playing again.
ive missed you guys


  • Was good playing with you last night. Hope to see you around more.
  • Thanks man. Yeah I hope to be very active. Does anyone know where I can get all the map packs and skins packs at?
  • Hello all,

    I used to play a long time ago and got curious to see if the game was still around.

    Hope to see ya'll out there soon!
  • im in :P maybe we can press gang some planetside 2 recruits :P
  • I am back too, let me know a time after 9pm PST any day and I will meet you on a server of your choosing.

    - GeneralKarl
  • Guys, In case you don't know we hang out at https://t2discord.tk
    Good place to go to get a game started or ask a question.
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