When the patch is ready..

It will be everyone's job to push the game onto other forums so people who played in the past can see and new players might be interested

sites like vnboards, facebook (groups)

Just get the word out so the player base will build up again, the die hard tribes 2 players will always find away to play

Good work y'all, I don't know how I could help with the patch but I can definitely sell some T2


  • Don't forget Digg, Fark, Mixx, etc.
  • I'm Hoping to hand them to all my friends, or going out to the city to a cyber cafe and hand them out.
  • I am having serious Tribes withdrawal. Please complete the replacement servers soon, I might not make it...

    I am a software developer, however I don't have any experience writing for the platforms in question. I have experience in the following:

    a bunch of worthless BASIC languages
    x86 assembly
    c, c++ (for msdos/win32) lol!
    various inter-related web technologies (html/xhtml, xml, css, js, and on and on...)

    I have exceptional graphic design skills, 2D and 3D.
    I have written simple real-time raycasting engines and am familiar with the elegant nuances of 3D rendering.

    If I can be of assistance, let me know.
  • Be sure to shout and scream in IRC too :-)
  • Already working on it :)

    Got at least two people who are going to play, working on more.
  • I just wanted to say it's really cool what you guys are doing... I only really play tribes when I have a random inclination to... but I must say it is the most enjoyable game ever to be installed on my computer, so I was quite bummed when I logged on a week ago to hear that the server would be closed. Luckily, through heavy advertisement, I was able to find this site.

    I can't wait to try out tribesnext! And I have a friend even more anxious than I am, as he hasn't been able to play t2 since he forgot his username/password, so your creation would make the closing of the main server a blessing for him :)
  • When the patch is ready.. I will be very happy.
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  • Please, keep me on your to-be-notified list as well.


  • All I know is as soon as the master server is online and operational, there has got to be more dedicated servers hosting varied game types. I can tell you right now that no newcomer (or most vets) is gonna wanna come to a game with only one active server playing katabatic all the time, no matter how 'balanced' that map is. CnH, Arena, DM, Siege, Rabbit, Hunter, we need more gametypes hosted and more maps in cycle lists, just like in the ole days where every game type had dedicated servers present, and they were populated frequently as well.

    Oh, and hi.
  • Well, servers cost money. So in that light, what we really need is people willing to spend money on a server.
  • The game itself to download in patch form will not cost money but you need a server(a comp that hosts the game) on 24/7 so that'll cost money to find someone who can keep that going...and I just lost the game :P...
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