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  • And unbelievably useless.

    Even iPhone has a small screen, I'd like to see you cram as much information as you can get on full-sized T2 into that tiny screen, and any other phone's screen is even smaller.

    Then the issue of control. Where's the mouse? How are you even going to get WSAD functionality? Take a normal phone that doesn't come with a full keyboard; how are you going to bind packs, grenades, mines, command circuit, team chat, global chat, beacons, voice binds, weapon switching, jump, jet, et al?

    It helps to think before starting to type.
  • tetris on a mobile phone, now there's an idea.
  • 2D and the ability to use jet packs? Now that I'd like to see.
  • 3d-tiles.png
    Beat you to it.
  • ;D
    PSP port of tribes 2 laggs like hell, a mobile device lacks the CPU.
  • I wouldn't mind T2 with minimalist graphics and control on cell phone. I only need a few buttons to bomb an entire team to ruins.
  • It's not Tribes 2 unless I can spam voice-binds to the enemy team, and script in new (and useless?) keybinds!

    And when will people use edit instead of double-posting?
  • Bad idea, would never use it, and plus when you kill someone this is what they will say: "Lol, it sucks I am on the phone." Or "You didn't own me, I am playing on my phone."
  • LAG! I was roaming!
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