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1 Forums / Support / Re: Video/game settings and you. on: February 17, 2018, 05:35:43 AM
A word on sound wrappers;

This sound wrapper has been touted as a possible fix for the sound glitches commonly heard on multi core systems, heard almost always when pressing the jet button.

I noted that the jet sound issue remains, however what was formerly "2 dimensional" audio is now more like 3 dimensional audio, ie it now has depth. The miles fast sound in my t2 install seemed to be very flat, either left or right audio and no depth, the new wrapper allows for that missing depth to be noted. It also works with most of the ancient games I play.

I'm not certain it's bound to multi-core processors (just that pretty much all modern machines are at least dual core). Though I have some ancient desktops here I can see about attempting to reproduce it on. My one laptop might also allow me to disable multi core processing to achieve the same effect on a modern operating system.
2 Forums / Support / Re: When using jet pack I get a static sound sometimes ???? on: January 27, 2018, 02:15:07 PM
It's an old bug with T2's sound code. Various sounds (not just the jet pack) can become corrupted like this.

Though, I'm not aware of any way to address it.
3 Forums / Mods and Customization / Re: Renegades Mod Files are in here enjoy all Original files from on: January 26, 2018, 12:26:02 AM
Tribes 2 and TribesNext RC2A themselves are okay under WINE. I've ran T2 that way for years.

Lookups to nonexistent domains are known to crash under certain circumstances. I'd be curious about if the DSO files can be edited to have the string table references to the now-defunct domains to read or localhost which might sidestep the problem without the need for weird hosting environments (I believe a connection refused response might not actually trigger the crash).

Though just stubbing out the problematic functions should be good enough. By the way, that patch script above could simply read:

package RenwerxFix
    function RenVerListQuery() { }

if (!isActivePackage(RenwerxFix))

If you're going to override serverCmdMissionStartPhase3Done, you should call parent before exiting which is why in this case it's probably better to stub the problematic function directly.
4 Forums / General Discussion / Re: Shape of things to come on: September 29, 2017, 02:12:14 PM
I am not Lou.

But I can attach files.

Oh sorry, was thinking your were dark dragon and that is Lou Cypher.

Thanks Ragora and pardon the confusion on my part

My Tribes 2 name is DarkDragonDX but I am still not Lou Cypher. Smiley
5 Forums / General Discussion / Re: Shape of things to come on: September 27, 2017, 06:43:37 PM
I am not Lou.

But I can attach files.
6 Forums / General Discussion / Re: Shape of things to come on: September 26, 2017, 05:23:14 PM

damn, thanks, that is sweet stuff, just installed, hopefully correctly, by putting all in base folder.

The tmail was not highlighted and functioning, though the Chat irc was able to see channels and i joined the welcome channel, and was in it, for a few seconds and was seeing if recognized any names, and then was reading the server name in topic and got a UE.

looking at code, see" for the server and was a brief error message shown right before UE''d and think it was connection refused


RAgor and  Krash,  where ya at  Roll Eyes

TMail and Clan creation was mostly working last I touched the code. There were some minor issues but I was able to manage clans and apply tags.

I had stopped really paying attention to the repository after a fix I had wanted merged in took months and months to actually get merged and was merged in as of 19 hours ago. There was another merge from HeatKiller that took this time as well.
7 Forums / Support / Re: Troubles with Seeing Server on: September 11, 2016, 12:53:29 PM
It could be that the master server endpoint doesn't work under some conditions. After some debugging on my own systems suffering the same problem, I found that the master server list endpoint may not be behaving correctly. Below is a technical description, so basically tl;dr: it telling you that the server was added to the list is potentially a bug, especially if it gave you errors alongside it like "Server can't be reached". Also check and see what happens if someone tries to connect to your IP directly from (You can hit the Insert key when looking at the server list to manually add a server IP).

It looks like the master endpoint tries to send multiple responses at once, even if they conflict or are just repeats. On my own network I have it telling me all in one response that my server can't be reached, the heartbeat was confirmed and the server was added to the list so I'm left wondering how the heartbeat can be confirmed if my server can't be reached, especially considering that the end result is the server not being listed:

HTTP/1.1 200 OK\r\nDate: Sun, 11 Sep 2016 20:08:55 GMT\r\nServer: Apache\r\nVary: Accept-Encoding\r\nAddress:\r\nCache-Control: max-age=300\r\nExpires: Sun, 11 Sep 2016 20:13:55 GMT\r\nKeep-Alive: timeout=2, max=100\r\nConnection: Keep-Alive\r\nTransfer-Encoding: chunked\r\nContent-Type: text/html\r\n\r\n1\r\n2\r\n0\r\n\r\n

That is what happens when I have my Tribes 2 server behind a routing box that is masquerading the incoming connections. This also causes the MITM check to fail when people try to join (via direct IP since the server isn't listed) and crash clients because of the way masquerading works and the fact that Tribes 2 has a crash bug related to dialogs being displayed too quickly. So even if the server showed up correctly under this situation, nobody can join.
(In the \r\n\r\n1\r\n2\r\n0\r\n\r\n you see 1,2,0 appearing in that order for the endpoint response codes)

When I rework my network to not use the masquerading and purposely make the server not reachable, I get just the server can't be reached and the server was added to the list responses, and the "Server can't be reached" response is duplicated twice.

HTTP/1.1 200 OK\r\nDate: Sun, 11 Sep 2016 20:27:06 GMT\r\nServer: Apache\r\nAddress:\r\nCache-Control: max-age=300\r\nExpires: Sun, 11 Sep 2016 20:32:06 GMT\r\nVary: Accept-Encoding\r\nTransfer-Encoding: chunked\r\nContent-Type: text/html\r\n\r\n1\r\n1\r\n0\r\n\r\n

(In the \r\n\r\n1\r\n1\r\n0\r\n\r\n you see 1,1,0 appearing in that order for the endpoint response codes)

When I setup the non-masquerading network correctly, I get the same exact endpoint response as I did under the masquerading configuration but the server is actually listed correctly.

To test the masquerading setup to be absolutely sure that the server is actually reachable, I've also setup a simple local UDP server on the machines that normally would be running the game and they are indeed receiving UDP data from the TribesNext master server probing for a live game server. Just instead of it receiving from the TribesNext server prober, it receives from my masquerading router box. The inconsistent reporting behavior is at the least pretty confusing and makes it quite a ways harder to debug and both the MITM checks & server list not working correctly on networks that might be "masqueraded" is causing headaches for people that end up in these situations.

However, given the original poster's setup above the only relation this may have to the issue at hand is that the router isn't actually forwarding but masquerading (hence why I asked to see what happens if he has someone connect directly).
8 Forums / Mods and Customization / Re: Curiosity: Who all is working on mods or other project still? on: July 23, 2016, 12:59:42 PM
Work and real life has been in the way, but this is still touched upon every so often:
9 Forums / Support / Re: i can't log in with my account in Tribes 2 online on: July 23, 2016, 12:58:13 PM
Wait and try again tomorrow. The store files are created when you retreive your account. But if the account server is still down, you can't retreive your info until it comes back up.

Yup, the "Retrieve Account" that you first have to do actually requires the authentication server to be around for the files to download. Once you have those credentials, the login is processed totally locally (the server could be nuked at this point) and that login decrypts your credentials for use with authentication against game servers.
10 Forums / General Discussion / Re: Script pack on: July 23, 2016, 12:55:39 PM
Look at wings script thread at However, you might be better served just going to some t2 script site and picking out what you like.

Sling Scripts is still around, though that does kinda require you know the name of stuff you want. At the least, you can try some keywords to see if anything useful pops up.
11 Forums / General Discussion / Re: Converting Mouse Sensitivity to Tribes 2 on: July 23, 2016, 12:53:34 PM
How hard is it to test the setting and adjust in t2 till it's the same as in your other games?

That's pretty much what you have to do, that conversion mentioned would take someone figuring out the relationship of T2's sensitivity against various games and writing an equation to go back and forth. There's also the "Use DInput" option in T2's input setting somewhere that might change the way sensitivity handles, as well.
12 Forums / General Discussion / Re: Lost forever? (hopefully not!) on: July 20, 2016, 07:38:11 PM is a good place for quite a few neat maps in general. They're not all strictly construction, but many are still cool maps. I like RealCity2002 which is really a CTF map but you can load it under pretty much any Construction mod all the same.
13 Forums / General Discussion / Re: Gamma issue on: March 21, 2016, 06:36:10 AM
Along with nuking DSO files (run "del *.dso" from your GameData folder), it's also worth while to check for a prefs/ folder under your GameData/base folder. You'll probably want to delete that folder as well to be sure.

Also to be sure, is it resetting across T2 instances or is it not taking at all?
14 Forums / Mods and Customization / Re: Tribes 2 RPG - Ironsphere II Mod on: January 14, 2016, 04:00:20 PM
It's just a 4x4 transformation matrix:

You'll want to look around for a more complete description of the purpose of such transformation matrices.
15 Forums / Mods and Customization / Re: Tribes 2 RPG - Ironsphere II Mod on: January 14, 2016, 12:00:13 PM
The description on both functions for the engine registration said that, one uses w =1 and the other uses w = 0.
The engine is filled with all sorts of other useless bits. I wouldn't be surprised. Here's the definition for both anyway (they're right next to each other):
Okay, the differences is slight, but still there.  Both functions end up here:

inline void m_matF_x_point3F(const F32 *m, const F32 *p, F32 *presult)
   AssertFatal(p != presult, "Error, aliasing matrix mul pointers not allowed here!");
   const F32   p0 = p[0], p1 = p[1], p2 = p[2];
   const F32   m0 = m[0], m1 = m[1], m2 = m[2];
   const F32   m3 = m[3], m4 = m[4], m5 = m[5];
   const F32   m6 = m[6], m7 = m[7], m8 = m[8];
   const F32   m9 = m[9], m10 = m[10], m11 = m[11];
   presult[0] = m0*p0 + m1*p1 + m2*p2  + m3;
   presult[1] = m4*p0 + m5*p1 + m6*p2  + m7;
   presult[2] = m8*p0 + m9*p1 + m10*p2 + m11;
   presult[0] = m[0]*p[0] + m[1]*p[1] + m[2]*p[2]  + m[3];
   presult[1] = m[4]*p[0] + m[5]*p[1] + m[6]*p[2]  + m[7];
   presult[2] = m[8]*p[0] + m[9]*p[1] + m[10]*p[2] + m[11];

inline void m_matF_x_vectorF(const F32 *m, const F32 *v, F32 *vresult)
   AssertFatal(v != vresult, "Error, aliasing matrix mul pointers not allowed here!");

   const F32   v0 = v[0], v1 = v[1], v2 = v[2];
   const F32   m0 = m[0], m1 = m[1], m2 = m[2];
   const F32   m4 = m[4], m5 = m[5], m6 = m[6];
   const F32   m8 = m[8], m9 = m[9], m10 = m[10];
   vresult[0] = m0*v0 + m1*v1 + m2*v2;
   vresult[1] = m4*v0 + m5*v1 + m6*v2;
   vresult[2] = m8*v0 + m9*v1 + m10*v2;
   vresult[0] = m[0]*v[0] + m[1]*v[1] + m[2]*v[2];
   vresult[1] = m[4]*v[0] + m[5]*v[1] + m[6]*v[2];
   vresult[2] = m[8]*v[0] + m[9]*v[1] + m[10]*v[2];

The difference is that MatrixMulPoint is the [X Y Z] of the point and sticks a 1 on the end => [X Y Z 1].  So when the Point and Transform are multiplied, indexes 3, 7, and 11 of the transform matrix are added into the result.  MatrixMulVector just uses [X Y Z 0].  I have no idea what this accomplishes, in game.

The description on both functions for the engine registration said that, one uses w =1 and the other uses w = 0.
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