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45: December 01, 2010, 07:37:29 AM »
no human will ever beat the ai cg code at aiming, and bots have a tough enemy list that you can get on, once on it they go for you, hence a synthetic grudge to hold
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46: December 02, 2010, 11:05:18 PM »
I always found Rampage to be pretty easy to kill. Every time he attacks me, it either ends with him dying or running away.

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47: December 07, 2010, 01:16:05 AM »
Suicide is annoying, but also very useful yes. Honestly, I forget to use it a lot of the time, so people will get their points for killing me. If I am making a HO run and I get pushed off course by a MA disc or what have you, and I mean horribly off course (as in I was aiming for the second floor entrance, and got MA'd and am nose-to-wall plus I took damage from how fast I was going) then I will often suicide if I see myself dying in the next 2 seconds.

Another great example, I get run over midair by a shrike, but by the grace of god I am still just barely alive. If I don't have missiles, I'll ctrl+k if its gonna take me awhile to get back to the map. If I do have missiles, I won't ctrl+k and instead I'll just burn my jets while trying to fire as many missiles as I can. Gravity does its job and brings me back to spawn.

Otherwise, in a shitty situation where I missed my second floor entrance and ended up plastered to a first floor wall, if I have health, screw it I'm gonna try some mortar trick shots and see if anyone gets caught on rebound, myself be damned (and usually killed in the explosion but hey, woulda suicided eventually anyway).

Anyone who has done a dozen or so games with me on the screen, knows I'm pretty good at blowing myself up with a mortar (on purpose or accident). I just hope to catch somebody else with it too - and it works fairly often. I was pretty good at it on T:V and got accused of having a hack that 'lets me fire backwards'. Noobs didn't realize I had fired a mortar at the top of the wall next to me, they come zooming in at my ass and the mortar rebounds and lands right next to them. Noob as zeus I'm talking about you if you read this.

The only other time I really like to suicide, is on a choice few maps where I get a lot of speed and a lot of air and a nice collection of base assets to fire mortars at all the while. I will generally dump all my mortars and sometimes my grenades and then suicide to quicky get back in the action and back on my mortar spammage HO train.
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48: June 20, 2011, 05:40:57 PM »
If you don't like it - learn to modify the rules in the game to give a 15 second time out for those that obs-bounce and suicide. Don't moan about it. I believe if you can do something in a game it's legal. If you don't like something don't bitch about it - do something to restrict that behavior - besides banning and kicking. That's what ban nazis are.
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49: June 23, 2011, 01:12:16 PM »
Rampage's main LO strat is to become an annoyance and get you to engage him while he lurks around your team's flag stand. He seeks to distract your team's flag D. He usually won't approach the flag stand, but stand off randomly spamming. Annoying, but not usually deadly.

It DOES become an issue when you "take the bait" and engage him. For all of his whiny childishness, he is a better-than-average dueler who is comfortable in fighting outdoors (as noted, with a shield pack and cg), using terrain and good timing with his shield-to-energy ratio.

But even if you do take him down, he considers that he was "successful" when he distracted your team's flag D away from defending your flag. Your team has already given up caps when defenses are undisciplined and/or do not know better to merely ignore him.

IF you cannot resist engaging him, I suggest that you:

*Use conc granades to blow his pack off
*Use SSminenade script on him (makes him rage, and when that happens he is VERY beatable).
*Ram him with a vehicle (since he likes to stand out in the open)
*He always has a remote inv a few hundred meters behind him (ever wonder why he is often near full health?), and usually OOBs. Find them and destroy them on the spot.

Hope that helps.

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