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Author Topic: O Sniping and vPad sniping... why you should do it!
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August 27, 2011, 03:39:32 PM »
Hello there,

Recently I've noticed alot of hostility against me on Goons Haven. Partly because I'm an peasant asshole it seems but mostly because of my playing style. This post is really to help other players who like to O Snipe (offensive sniping),vPad sniping (Vehicle Pad) and even iPad sniping (the latest product from Apple..sniping inventory stations) who may be put off from doing it by people crying and complaining..but don't listen to them. Here are some very good reasons to do it...
First of.. O Sniping... People seem to get very upset if you happen to use a Sniper Rifle for offensive purposes. Of course they can't do much apart from cry calling it lame and saying you suck. I know, its very shocking to use a weapon like a sniper rifle for offensive reasons <--note the sarcasm
Certain people get angry to the point they insult you..and even chase you. That means you're doing a good job so keep it up! If you're a good enough sniper that you're making an impact distracting the other team to that point, and they can't snipe you back, so they have to chase you for close combat then you're doing a good job. Some people say that O Sniping is 'lame' because what damage you do is pointless because a) so many inventory stations close by (if your base isn't raped) and b) if you kill someone they just respawn. Both true, but to use it as an argument against sniping is retarded and when they cry about it it is your duty to laugh at anyone who uses them

The fact of the matter is, when you O Snipe you are...

1) Weakening the defence

2) Causing a distraction, getting the others teams offensive and defensive players attention so they are busy looking and dealing with you and not the flag and other incoming teammates
3) Slowing down the offence. You hit an offensive player after they visit an Inventory station then they have go go again..if there are any up. Seconds count in a game
4) Any good sniper would take out mobile inventory stations deployed in their base too with 3 discs and a couple for any turrets you see - this all helps your team in probably the best way, especially if the rape train (chooo chooo) visits their base

Then there is the next level of O Sniping which is vPad or iPad sniping. This is an excellent tactic and I encourage you to do it because....
1) They are standing still, an easier target. If you kill them, it takes them time to spawn.. then find an Inventory station and then go back to the Vehicle Pad. If you don't kill them, with a headshot when they leave the vehicle they have under 50% health. This will help your teammates later on.
PRO |33t TIP!! When you see someone approach the vPad..shoot a disc. Then when they are at the pad take the headshot. Then the disc will hit with a kill and splash damage for other players in the area
2) You are not only preventing and slowing down an offensive player from attacking your base, but hopefully removing and slowing down an incoming vehicle attack. So you, a mere sniper is preventing a tank, a shrike or even a bomber getting into the enemy hands. You could also be preventing and slowing them down deploying a Mobile Base.
3) It annoys certain people.. usually ones with mental issues to the point they seek revenge..which is good in a team based game. Some people, the ones that cry over O sniping have a deep hatred for it. This means they try to take you out, which takes up some of their time. A good tatic here is to run! Yes, it may seem chicken, and it is.. but there's good reason.
For example, I'm often told by players with mental problems etc that I suck at tribes and I'm a O Sniping lamer.. even by certain Goon Haven admins(*cough Gunnah cough*). I know its funny, but lets try to contain our laughter for now. And they are right, I have a 200+ ping and am far from the best player.. However, because I have a reputation of O sniping and VPad sniping...certain people don't like me... awwww But that's a good thing!
Take tonights games for example. Went on my usual O Sniping route on some levels (on some levels I actually do other things but that is never noticed for some reason ) Snipe Snipe, pop, pop.. all good. At some points in the game.. I had 4 people chasing me.. that's right 4 because my O Sniping appears to annoy them that much... all 'Veterns'. Two of them were in shrikes
Of course I ran.. and ran fast... and they followed. After about 30+ seconds of running/skiing they killed me. They all laughed and I'm sure they enjoyed it. However the fact of the matter is that ME, a crappy newb(apparently) in their eyes was able to O Snipe for a minute+, weakening defence causing distraction, took out an Inventory station and got 3 kills AND THEN have 4 much better players(or so they say), including 2 in shrikes follow me for 30 seconds into the far distance behind their base basically removing 4 better(in their opinion) players from helping their team as they chased me. And to top it all of, while they were busy hunting me down for satisfaction, my team got a flag cap.
This is why you should O Snipe. Tribes 2 is a TEAM game. Sure you're not going to get as many points or maybe kills if you go sniping but if you can avoid being taken out by their defensive snipers you're really helping your team. You are as important as farmers who get hardly no points/kills yet provide such an important service that greatly helps the rest of your team.
Its a selfless act

So, when someone cries at you because you are' lame' for O Sniping, tell them to fuck off, let them cry, and be honoured your |33t sniping skills has got their attention and annoyed them to the point they start crying in the chatbox or even better spending the whole level focusing on you. That's when you know you're doing a good job.
And let them waffle on about how 'lame' it is... There's alot of tactics in Tribes 2 that's lame in my opinion. Like Heavy Offence generator room rape. Yet these people would argue that this is a valid tactic due to the map. And they are right, I don't like it, but I don't cry about it That's the game..welcome to Tribes 2. If there people don't like vPad or iPad sniping... maybe they should only play maps where the vehicle pad is in an interior.
If they don't like O sniping and complain that someone is actually using the laser rifle for offence.. maybe they should go play Mario Kart.
And another important thing, which is overlooked, its because players are so bad at playing which results in easy vPad kills. A good player spends a fraction of a second at the vPad.. they run up, it opens, they press a number button to get their vehicle then they move around.
Bad players use the mouse to select their vehicle. You'll find that most 'verterns' who consider themselves an authority on how YOU should play tribes 2 use this method and therefore are easy pickings. Make them suffer for their retardness, just as they suffer in the real world in the game of life.
But you'll always have people crying at you for it. So take it as a compliment and enjoy the warm feeling in your heart you get knowing these people have nothing better to do in life rather than CARE how YOU play a game. That's the best feeling of all

So O Snipe away my friends, O Snipe to your hearts content and enjoy it - which is the point of playing.
Epsilon (who has a girlfriend)

I'll be sniping you on a server soon.. BOOM! HEADSHOT

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1: September 01, 2011, 12:58:11 PM »
O-sniping isn't the most useful position in the world, but it's a decent way to distract the defense and soften up farms and stuff, particularly if you've got other 20 people on your team to play all the other positions that need to be played.  I don't usually do it, but I don't mind people who do 'cuz I play ld/lof with a LR a lot and sniper duels are fun (esp. when you can duck behind something and get more health and the other person can't Tongue).  The only time o-sniping drives me crazy is when I'm trying to lof on a flagstand like the one in sector-1 that has no room to dodge, no place to hide from o-snipers, and is visible for miles around.  It's not a problem when your team has other snipers playing around the flag to cover you, but unfortunately that doesn't seem to happen much on that map.

aka BanthaFodder
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2: September 12, 2011, 10:17:57 AM »
Sniping of any form is Blakhart approved.
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3: April 24, 2012, 11:11:21 AM »
never an excuse for o sniping.  long before yuo started playing and for a long long time people have tried to find a balance.
 o sniping was condemed by templayers.

continue to o snipe i might have to start playing again just to shocklance your ass. and i don't lay with cloaking pack.
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4: September 15, 2012, 05:27:52 AM »
dunno but this should be obvious, its not always super hard to snipe players in the air, just get them at the apex of their jetting as they slow down to fall. considering the angle of the shot is also useful, good to have max surface area with which to snipe. i use the script that lets u interp different values for all weps, the chain gun settings seem to work well for sniping. but yes o sniping seems to have a decent effect at least for slowing down the enemy or distracting them
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5: September 29, 2012, 08:21:37 AM »
I do O-snipe on occasion.

Romans 1:16
Seņor Nugget

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6: October 08, 2012, 03:07:40 PM »
You find that type of behavior no matter what game you play.
Call of Duty for example, certain weapons altogether were frowned upon (IE: "Noob Tube" -- the barrel mounted grenade launcher), why? If they think it's so overpowered or whatever else then they should go yell at the company that made the game, not the users.
I once had someone scream at me over voice chat because I ended a game with an unrealistic kill on him -- a throwing knife to the back of the ankle.
I've also had several people get mad at me for using the same weapon throughout the match.
Some people got angry at me using a certain type of sniper rifle or how I sniped (IE: "Hardscoping" nobody seems to like, it's quick scope or gtfo)
... the list goes on.
However, perhaps CoD was a bad example but it's the only thing I remember wasting my time playing.
Personally I don't get many kills in Tribes 2 as I can't aim for the life of me but I do grab that flag and never ever look back as I didn't want to distract myself from my very fast flag run since nobody usually is able to get me anyhow.

Nobody seems to know how to behave so I don't even play multiplayer games anymore, albeit how funny some people's reactions can be.
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"Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former." - Supposedly Einstein
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