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Author Topic: Tribes Universe Tribes 2 download and Patch dont work.
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January 29, 2016, 12:16:56 PM »
I am interested in Playing the new Tribes Ascend... but it is not out yet... maybe another month to wait....
The HUGE Announcement that TRIBES ASCEND is coming out links to the page   
A person is expected to download and Play the previous editions of Tribes 2 from that page....
The problem is IT DOESN"T WORK.
The Tribes 2 game downloads fine But the Update Fails because of a Read me text file that is incorrect.
and the Server update file called RC2a .... should be RC2e  ......
The big HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT that Tribes Ascendant will be more like Tribes 2 and The Link Page You send EVERYONE too is BUSTED...!!!
it doesnt work and it cant work because ALL of your information is too old and just WRONG....
Thousands of players played Tribes 2 for 20 years and they still want to play....

I am asked you to update the information on the page and to make it easy to download the game ....
The Update must work....! 
There should be a smooth transition from downloading the game to playing the game.
Where are your servers....Huh
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1: January 29, 2016, 02:33:34 PM »
If you are installing from the ISO file they've put on the tribesuniverse page, that is an image of the re-release CD, which is already updated to the latest official version of the game, so doesn't require the 25034 update.  All you need to do is install the TribesNext patch to restore online functionality.

What we actually recommend however is to download the installer we provide a number of mirrors for on the main page of the site.  When this is installed, you simply apply the TribesNext patch (RC2a is the correct version as of this writing), and it's good to go.  If you have any trouble installing, can click on the "HOW DO I INSTALL THE GAME?" text to see step by step what the installation process will look like.

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