Tribes 2 Wallpaper

Anybody got any Hi-Def wallpaper?
I don't care if it has Tribes 2 or Tribes Next on it...

Feel free to post any other Wallpaper you find laying around on the internet! :)

EDIT: I'm gonna put all the links in my first post so that people don't need to look through all the threads to see what they are. (With credit given to the poster of course :) and hopefully also to the creator :D)

NOTICE: I might not have this always updated :P (Check the edit time of this post and verify when it was last updated, which is found just above my sig.)

Wallpaper (Links)

Wallpaper (Attachments in Posts)
Poster - Red_Eyed_Cobra

To take IN-Game Screenshots
Here's a HUD-less screenshot script in case anyone doesn't have one already.

Just unzip and plunk the .vl2 in your base folder.


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