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I'm not sure if I should have this here, or in the general section, so feel free to move it if you want :)

Anyway, I'm curious if it's possible to get the server list via the web, and how to go about it (what tables/columns to get if it's a database). I want to write up a PHP script to do this for my site, so people can check the status our server (without loading the game). I know you could do this with the old main servers with a gameserver query package, but I don't recall what it was and I have no clue if it would be adaptable for Tribesnext.



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    Something like this...

    You can add the code to your site in an iframe or via popup. Obviously change the ip and port to match your servers.

    Your servers Name Here
  • That'll work too, but I'd love to see a list of servers, in case other TAC servers appear. The link you've provided will at least help tell what that status of our paid server is, so thanks for a starting point :)
  • Is this the actual list that the TribesNext master server uses? I can put something together in a few so it displays via a webpage and toss the graphics in tomorrow.
  • Yeah as far as I can tell, that is exactly what the master server sends to the client.

    Can't wait to see what you can do with it, I love the Tribes 1 list you posted
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    Here is a down and dirty version with the MaxOGC template for now.

    It takes about 20 - 30 seconds for it to query all the servers and load the page. I'll work on mimicking the in game browser later this week when I have time and cut down on the load times of the page. 8)

    **EDIT on 26 Jan 09
    See my sig for an updated link
  • Any way of getting your code once you're done? ;) (I'd like to see how you're handling it, then make my own adaptation on my site) I'm not looking to steal any code. I'm just hoping you might save me some time, which I don't have much of these days :(
  • I'm just hoping you might save me some time, which I don't have much of these days :(

    Time LOL, What is that?? My wife and I are expecting twins very soon, my son turned 3 today and I have a full time job in the US military. Time LOL! Again I ask, what is that!

    I created the above page last night in about 30 minutes, but those 30 minutes came in borrowed time in 5 minute incraments over a 4 hour time frame.

    I love my family to death and will do anything for them, but holy smokes they are demanding! LOL
  • Think we all know how that goes :P
  • I love my family to death and will do anything for them, but holy smokes they are demanding! LOL

    lol, I hear ya. Congrats on the upcoming twins btw. I have two daughters, and the demanding wife ;) My job is an hour from home and I'm at work 11 hours every day... so basically I lose 13 hours to work every day. Not trying to compete... just pointing out where my time goes ;)
    Anyway, I'm REALLY rusty on PHP right now, and I'm also not sure how to parse the info I get from the server (is it a database, array, or a string?). So, I'd mainly like to see that part of it ;)
  • If anybody can find or extract the cursor icons from T2 and post them I would appreciate it very much. I almost have the T2 Master List complete. Just the icons and a few graphics are needed.

    Thank you.
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    I'll trade you some icons for some code ;)

    What icons are you looking for? The logo/game icon? Or stuff from in game?

    If you just want the small game logo, I found it on google:
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    No the cursor icons, mouse type. Appreciate the thought though :)

    I've been looking for XP theme packs with the cursor icons and can't find anything. I know they are in one of the vl2 files somewhere, but haven't located them yet.
  • textures.vl2, under the gui subfolder, look for anything named CUR_3d*.png... Those are the cursors.
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    Thanks Turkeh! Exactly what I was looking for!!!!

    New and improved version. Just so it's known I am working on a backend of some kind. Just incase TribesNext is down it will pull the servers from a database/text file and viewers can still view the page and see the cached servers.

    Tribes 2 Master Server Query by » MaxOGC &

    Forgot about the popup box for the server details. I will play around with that tonight and make it more ingameish :)
  • Just a minor suggestion: Remove the period after "Server Name"
  • Great work on putting that together. It looks damn good :)
  • Thanks notman. I updated the page. Only visible change is the server count.

    I got the backend working, actually it's double backed. It has a database backend and txt file for backups. I have them running on a cron job and updating every 6 hours. This way the info is kinda current if the TribesNext master server is down. But if the TN master is up it pulls directly from it.

    Now to change that dang popup box layout.
  • I've been meaning to update the site with a few new features, including a list, but I've been preoccupied with other matters all week. There should be something basic on our site within a few days, but of course it won't contain quite as much info as that list. ;)
  • You can always add a link to the MaxOGC server list if you like ;) That's what I made it for. You've got a nice site here. It's simple, yet very effective.
  • :BUMP: to keep this on the first page of this forum. ;D
  • Should sticky it
  • Fix the sorting by player count, and I'll throw it in a sticky. :p
  • Fix the sorting by player count, and I'll throw it in a sticky. :p
    Done ;)
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    Also fixed the sort by letter bug. It was treating uppercase and lowercase letters differently. So "Base" and "base" servers were not sorted correctly. All works now.
  • Updated to work off of cached info. This allows the page to load instantly when initially requested. Cache file auto updates every 2 hours, or you can "Refresh List" which pulls current info from's Master Server. If's Master Server is down you get the cached info once again. The popup box always has real time info.
  • Updated to replicate most in game stats. I also moved the bot count to its own column. This allows the viewer to filter servers by zero bot count if desired.

    Is a low-fi version needed for PDA's, cellphones and such??
  • Threatcon, I've noticed that your listing is getting the player count for Goon Haven wrong (just checked, and, it said 16, but, when I clicked on it, it said there were 47 players).
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