Server List via Web



  • It's cached for the list and quasi-realtime for the individual servers, IIRC. So at the last time it refreshed its cache, there must have been 16 players.
  • Look at the bottom of the page and it will give you the last time and date it was updated. It auto updates the whole page every 2 hours, the popup is real time info. You can also use the refresh all button in the top right, just know that it takes approx 30 seconds for it to query all the servers and display it on the page :)
  • Both the T1 and T2 web based master servers are down. My web host setup a firewall on the box and is blocking all ports that are not common. Until I figure out what ports need to be opened for the queries the pages will be temporarily down.

    Sorry for the inconvenience!
  • My web host is moving my hosting plan to a new server. The new server will give me direct access to the firewall to open any and all ports that I require. The web based master server query should be operational by tomorrow, fingers crossed!
  • All is good to go! Back to normal :)
  • Is it gone?
    Firefox can't find the server at
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