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  • Alright. that worked, i'm going to have to find the exception list now... the reward :D
  • Although... I have already run into a new problem. 5 years later i don't remember my old account, and I have to make a new 1. There are 3 steps to creating a new account. I can't get passed step 1. It tells me to wait and try again after a few minutes. I did that 30 minutes ago. I'll remove this post if time resolves my…
  • TY very much. I know it seems dumb as hell, but i didn't realize the patch wasn't included with the t2 dl. it works now! For your help i'll reword u with dope music ;D Please note, all good hip-hop is poetry written in rhyme and rhythm to a beat.
  • :/ "silly nuggets tricks are for kids" aka "nugget please"