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  • Yup, they do. I remember downloading the Soundtrack via PirateBay some years ago but the Torrent doesn't have seeds anymore. However I found the soundtrack on my old Laptop. Uploading it now. Hope it works. I will edit this post once it's finished. EDIT: It's up.…
  • aaaaaaaaaaaaand don't forget to join on QuakeNet where most european tribes gays hang out 'cause you never know.
  • Forgiveness, have you ever heard of that on teh internetz? :-P The things she said were absolutely stupid. She was by no means an 'innocent eleven year old'. I didn't want to protect her. She and her parents deserved it to some degrees. As a father I would never let my daughter do such things and then protect her the way…
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  • Death threats? She's like eleven, wtf is wrong with people... Anyway, it seems like the internet teached her something the parents couldn't teach. Let's hope it's not too late and the parents do their job now and talk with this funked up girl.
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  • Haha, I like it. Especially the MA on SterIO :-D Sums up Tribes pretty good I think. Any chance for a youtube upload so that our 'friends' don't have to download suspicious 440 mb first to see it? :P
  • Most european players are still idling in the QuakeNet IRC channel. There are no active pick-ups or ladders I think but If you get lucky you can start a LakRabbit or Arena game ;)
  • This thread needs moar beastie boys. It's in the thread title after all
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  • Well, is it possible for indie developer to make a (free) standalone game with Cryengine without paying for the engine? If not, the answer should be clear because that's what UDK offers and what makes it a great choice for indie developers.
  • Do you need Crysis in order to play MechWarrior? Would be a HUGE disadvantage compared to UDK where a standalone game is absolutely no problem. Both engines are suited for a Tribes-like game from what I saw. I think we're at a point where it depends on the developer's skill anyway and not the engine. You can do everything…
  • Well, aren't humans just lovely
  • Seems like you don't read anyone's posts here... Do you know that Arena usually is in base mode? Some people here don't like base CTF because of the 'unbalance' between offense and defense. That is all. Actually Arena plays better in base than in classic... It all depends on the gamemode. I don't think people hate and…
  • You mean Unreal Engine 3? The Unreal Development Kit is absolutely free. You can do anything with it if you have the knowlegde. You could even sell your game. But as you saw with Ascension, making games takes a LOT of time. You'll need a good organised team that sticks together through good'n'bad times and a community that…
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  • Truly shows the epicness of Tribes2, nice!
  • wee, i like that! Love the music, not so sure if radiohead really fits but nice video nonetheless.
  • You guys just care too much ...
  • I hope mappacks are hidden within this file
  • Indeed Sticky? :P
  • I'm kind of interested in those recs. Do you have any idea where to find them? Can't say much about the tips because I have too less experience but thanks nonetheless ;)
  • Yup, the IRC channel on QuakeNet. If something happens concerning EU community, then you'll find out about it there.
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  • I don't think so... Classic anyway but also Arena and LakRabbit are all playermade mods that get played pretty often. They're not that different from the original Tribes 2 like TSW and perhaps that's the point. You could play Dogfight Arena for some rounds right after some games of standard Arena or LakRabbit. I don't have…
  • Sure, but he wants a script that tells his team/pilot how much flares he has left. I searched for "flare" and found a script called "flareSay". This might be the one you're looking for, I don't know ;) (Barbarians' Script, not Ilys')
  • etc... ;) lots of such threads lately, but seems like no one wants to make an effort to build something up :(
  • ZORN is the only server with people on it, well at least sometimes. Unfortunately, at the moment there isn't much going on aside from some lak / arena / TR2 games each day. If you want to keep in touch with the T2 eu "community" idle on on Quakenet ;) I swear if all those euro pubbers on Goon Haven would join the…
  • forum -> gather people -> weekly pubs/pugs -> more people -> daily pubs -> forming clans -> ladder/tournaments, tightening community Now, if it would be that easy... :D We once had a forum a while ago, who knows what happened to that... All that's left is a simple line: :/
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  • You can download the hades and some other movies at (broesmeli's site)
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  • I just watched some episodes of 'Samurai Champloo' after 'Cowboy Beebop'. Also very recommendable!
  • Don't know how much you followed goku's development keen but the most drastic new changes I remember were: * Support for 4 Teams * Serverside -> pretty boring maps * Havoc is able to transport MPBs and Tanks (pick up and drop with "r") * Classic physics (which I didn't like since you nearly always move in vehicles anyway)…
  • I thought about something like this: without the Vengeance thingie of course :D
  • Never played GTW with lots of people but the concept sounded pretty cool, so yes :) I'm not sure whether the 'Base' or 'Classic' mod is better for GTW's gameplay I think that needs to be discussed first. I also think that GTW shouldn't change T2 that much. So in the end it shouldn't be a total conversion with different…