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  • Don't emulate in-game sounds in GH with a voice pack, it's annoying and you might find yourself having to take five miniutes of quiet time to mull over why you shouldn't emulate in-game sounds. ;D
  • Its like FE:L in comparison to Tribes, they have elemts that are good, but they are trying to be popular, and fun, Tribes doesn't need to be popular because it got the formulae RIGHT.
    in null Comment by V379 August 2009
  • It can be good for shits and giggles ala yt challenge, but other than that you can do everything that the sachel can do with plasma, except for killing groups of people, but then you can just get a mortar and toss a few mines, and your mortar will kill ayone.
  • Or the widowmaker from Trimph mod.
  • The reason the T2 player doesn't have a rewind feature is because adding a rewind increases the size of the player incredibly.
  • They already have, they're called garrage games, and they made Fallen Empires: Leigions and that shit blows and is nothing like tribes, although they stole shazbot.
  • Hi, I think we've already met, and you kicked my ass up and down goon haven.
    in Hi guys :] Comment by V379 July 2009
  • They are the ones that I uploaded, although the skins.png might not work proprtly due to the skins being in .png format, so I guess you'll have to wait until teratos gives the go becuase he knows what's going on.
    in None Comment by V379 July 2009
  • http://tribes.m-parsons.com/Skins/?C=S;O=D Download the two biggest files, and that should give you all the derm skins you will ever need.
    in None Comment by V379 July 2009
  • I've never see the original, but I have played tron, and it is rather awesome.
    in Flynn Lives Comment by V379 July 2009
  • Thanks I've really been wanting to get some new effects since they were mentioned recently on the forums.
  • You guys forgot to include ctrl+w.
    in GUI Editor Comment by V379 July 2009
  • well then I can't help you, sorry, but I understand your pain
  • Get a mod that deletes .dso files when you exit the game, because the last time I got a c0000005 UE deleting the .dso files allowed T2 to work agian.
  • Would it be possible for you to get a bigger picture of face man?
    in The FaceMan Comment by V379 July 2009
  • Sky man is watching you.
    in The FaceMan Comment by V379 July 2009
  • You must learn patience young one.
  • Nevermind, thanks Eolk, I waited, and then I got UE c0000005 agian.
  • So then Tribes 2 you would call Tribes 2 "undead" because it isn't dead, and you say it isn't alive, so we're all playing a game in a state of brain muncing awesomeness?
    in Kryand >:0 Comment by V379 July 2009
  • If there were any hunters servers I would love to play on them instead of solving my obsession for the gametype, but alas there are none, and I don't plan on hosting one, so back to my bots to avoid Inner Sanctum, although that map always look like lots of fun making all of the action closer together (rather than maps like…
  • Something to add, a loadout does nothing to the role you play, the way you play determines what role you are playing. Ex. you can have a H Turret monkey loadout, while playing like you are a flag capper, this might not be the best example, but remember your role is determined by how you play, and supplemented by the…
  • I belive that the UE problem starts for me when I try to host a game of hunters on lan with 16 bots, in inner sanctum, and exactly when the game starts I get the c0000005 UE. :-\
  • Bastard suit loadout ftw blaster- for groovieness spinfusor- longer range elf- annoying as hell missle launcher- for obvious purposes repair, or remote invo- set up remote invo first, and then switch to rep pack concs or flash grenades- depending if you want to run and live, or annoy the hell out of people mines- duh ::)
  • Glad having more join the hunt forums.
  • Get Uberfaves, and customize more.
  • And thanks to teratos I was able to upload a colaboration of the larger skin files, so people could go to one site, and download a considerable ammount of skins with very little searching around the internet, so please {)NOOB(} don't start ripping on teratos for voicing his opinion.
  • I'm having the same problem, I reinstalled the game, and that just delayed the problem for a bit, and then I downloaded the newest drivers for my video card off of the manufacture's site, and that delayed the problem for much less, and now it's back and I have the patch. I have am ATI 4870x2 and the driver version that I…
  • And now the problem has returned, I would really like to find another way to fix it other than another reinstall, because that didn't completely fix the problem.
  • Thanks teratos installing new drivers fixed the problem
  • Sorry about the size of the files, but I just wanted to get all of the skins I could get together for downloading.