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  • I would much rather buy Crysis than quakewars. And this coming from someone who played Quake 1, Quake 2 and Quake 3. I dislike what they did with quakewars so much that you'd have to pay me take it. I also like the CryEngine 2 a lot more than the one quakewars uses. Ultimately, the only thing that's going to pull the…
  • This recent news makes me die a little inside. I need to go listen to a certain REM song with the word 'hurts' in the title.
  • Everyone except me. I'm usually the cool guy off away from the crowd of horny guys and with a cool smirk; as if I'm thinking "Those silly boys will one day become men..."
  • Shattered Horizon looks cool, but it's vista/7 only... Perhaps when I find time to switch to windows 7 I'll try it. I hate Microsoft not allowing DX10 in XP. It's been done with third party software, so MS saying they can't is complete bull.
  • Cheesecake! Nuff said...
  • OMG, I think I just shit myself!
  • How did this turn into a halo thread? lol I have to admit that Halo was a decent console shooter, but it by no means came close to comparing to PC shooters such as Tribes. I only mentioned halo to give you an idea of how futuristic I like my games to be (AKA: I don't want some 'future soldier' game that only takes place…
  • I've been playing this game casually since the release of Tribes 2 and never got to play Tribes 1, so when base++ and classic were released I didn't know what all the hype was about. Even though I do prefer quicker gameplay(quake 2 instagib with lightningfast grappling hook anyone?) I also believe that we competitive…
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