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  • Welp, I changed my router to forward just port 28000, instead of doing a range from 27999 to 29000. It now works. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • I ran echo($IPv4::InetAddress); just now, and it gives my public-facing ip address. Beginning to wonder if my ISP is blocking certain ports. Do you know what is the lowest port number allowed is? I tried $Host::BindAddress with and without my public-facing address... no change.
  • WHS11 is an operating systems. Basically Windows Server nerfed for home use. Wikipedia article.
  • Oh, I thought it was me. First time I attempt to play in months, and nothing on the list.
  • I updated my server from winxp to WHS 2011. Now my TribesNext ded server gives me an unhandled expception. I get the error at the very end of ded server start-up. Same exact install, same hardware, just different OS. Do I need to change Firewall settings? Anything else I am missing?
  • Thyth advice worked for me. Right click on TribesNext shortcut, then click on "run as administrator", then the config should remember if you have the check box clicked or not.
  • Yep, that worked ... thanks.
  • That worked... thanks. The other workaround I found was to turn NoSmurfs on. Your way is better.
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  • Quiz time! 1) What is the name of the mod being spammed in this thread? 2) What is the title of this thread?
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  • This isn't a new mod, a little history... First version of UltraXL came out about a week after Tribes 2 was initially released. So last few days of March 2001. Then I kept updating it through 2002. I ran a server out visi.com for about year... had two 40 player games running on it. At its peak, UltraXL was the 3rd or 4th…
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  • An UltraXL demo I made back in 2001 - http://vimeo.com/7597855
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  • How old are you?
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