How do you get in the flow?

Sometimes when I jump on a server, i suit up and just go after the flag. Many times that I do that, I get owned consecutively in a very embarrasing manor. So my new strategy to find my 'Center' if you will is.. well i warm up with a couple laps! I grab my gear and just start skiing around the map (avoiding confrontation) smoothly transitioning from peak to peak. Then I play a few rounds of light defense, then and only when I feel my mojo is at peak levels, i make grabs!

Anyone else 'Warm-Up' if so, how?



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  • I just usually go at it like you said earlier. Actually, I usually don't focus a whole lot on capping, but when I do I usually snipe first. I have no idea why, that is just usually what I do.
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    ^ this
  • Two cans of pop, a large pizza, and some voice spamming.
  • A couple of [BONG] rippers...
  • Dance animation before every map...also wave to or dance with everyone, especially while fighting in midair. Very important to gain maximum mojo. Gotta time it right with your firing delay because you can't shoot while animating.
  • I usually don't warm up. I get owned the first few times, then, I'm in the game. It's not like anybody is really gonna taunt you unless you're playing competitively (which I don't do).

    Usually, you use those first few runs to "assess" the enemy. I usually cloak, so I go to see if they're smart enough to put up motion sensors, use sensor jammers, farm a lot of turrets so if I get caught, will I be ripped to shreds immediately?

    If you really need to get warmed up, try to intercept people in the middle of the map. Usually, there will be snipers you can pick fights with and warm up with.
  • when in doubt go offense.
  • good music
  • I definitely start rusty then get more in the flow, but what I'm doing to "warmup" remains the same as when I'm actually playing. All I have to do is get my instincts calibrated to the current conditions and I'm ready to go.
  • Attempt to Shield pack because it requires great timing.
    Listen to Eye of the Tiger!!!
  • This should do:

  • I don't need to warm up, if I'm feeling the groove then I go for it, but if I'm not feeling it, then I farm, or I'll slip into my bastard suit and pester the enemy.
  • listen to music
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    I used to drink 2 liters of water when I played siege matches for -de-. Having a player who has to go piss in the middle of matches was a good way to give the team a challenge, since the team was so stacked that I usually just refer to them as "Team Stack" when talking to people. Even so, I usually waited for the break at the end of each map. (On another note, in the only map we ever lost I spilled water on my keyboard right as it began. On our worst map.)

    Nowadays? I don't even bother having a ritual. I go in, wreck anything I can see, and burn out just as quickly.
  • doa little flag cover and when i feel like im pumped go out on my daily cloak runs.
  • A lot of this is simply knowing how the map plays; since each map is different from another, you must find out what objectives to accomplish on both team sides. For example, base raping might be all-paramount on one map, but a completely useless tactic on another. Combine that knowledge with routes (again, something gained by in-game experience) and "pinch points" that funnel/promote contact with the opposing side and you'll begin to have a feel for it. If you know the terrain (map) + what the enemy *is going to do ahead of time*, you have gone a long way in being prepared for what you want to accomplish.

    As the old saying goes, "the field is king." There is just no substitute for experience, which you only get from pubs, scrims, and games. After game, identify what you did well and what you did poorly on and why. Adapt your tactics, goals, and strategies from that, and you'll be on your way.

    If you are serious about prepping yourself, forget about music; complete silence helps me focus on the tasks at hand (mutefags.cs will change your life). Music might bring out passion, but that is no substitute for knowledge & focus.

    p.s. Dry response but powerful.
  • doa little flag cover and when i feel like im pumped go out on my daily cloak runs.
    then someone spots your footsteps and mine discs you.
  • im pretty much know the flaws of cloaking so no need to point it out.
  • Spam voicepack crap till i feel suitably awesome :-\
  • I don't warm up, I just suck all the time. 8)
  • ^the true spirit of t2
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