Started playing Tribes way back when it was first released. Worked on a Tribes mod called Delta Force Tribes. Ground based Chuck Norris style warfare. Awesome gameplay even without the jetpacks. Made loads of maps and equipment modifications.

When T2 came along, I tried to start up a small clan of local (from the Lake Tahoe area) players called =THC= Trigger Happy Clowns. That didn't pan out and I eventually joined up with HITman/PimpaSmurf and the [BONG] clan around April of 2001. We had devastating fun mobbing puplic servers. Even managed to get into TWL ladder macthes. Oh yeah, I played on a dial-up line, even during tournaments. Soooo many memories. Not sure if I can get online with a satillite connection...

A shot of our team skins and our team logo on the flag and a reskinned SpinFusor.



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