Account Creation connection workaround.

Having recently had some Account Creation server connection issues I found a work around.
My problem was in the In game account creation , at the Step one Screen I would get the message after about 30 seconds .
" Authentication server is OFFLine or Unavailable "
So I did the following, figuring my Firewall and Antivirus were responsible.

1) I set my Firewall to allow inbound/outbound traffic with the Tribes .exe
2)Set my Anti virus scanner to off for the internet

it didn't work . Was still getting the same message from the authentication server.

The last thing I did to get my account created was that I completely disabled my Firewall/Anti virus app. And that worked . There are other workarounds in the forum database and in the FAQ , be sure to try those 1st . Antivirus apps are your friends, but every once in awhile they get a bit overzealous and shut out everything that yo don't want them too. ::)
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