Tribes 2 Skins and skinning tools Tutorials . Where can we find them ?

I was wondering if there are any tutorials on how to skin the player and vehicle models on Tribes 2 . I have a done a bit of skinning back on T1 many moons ago but back then Planet Tribes had all the links to skinners, and the tools as well.
Planet Tribes still has the links, but most of them are dead and I was wondering for those of us that want to carry on now that T2 is back what , and where these tools and tutorials are . Sorry for the run on sentence :-\ .
Where would I find the player skins persay ?..or
I use the GIMP and have 7-zip to create the .vl2 files, ( found that out on this site) but other than that I'm unsure of how to proceed .
Thanks in advance to any and all who chime in . What I would like to see here is a repository of links and tutorials that we can all tap into . There are some very cool skins out there from what I have seen since jumping back in . I suck , but its still a fun game to play after all this time . :)

I did find this link to help start things off . Team War Fare seems to have a comprehensive library for the Tribes/T2 community .


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