Why do we need account creation?

it's a practically dead game, you can ban ingame via IP, you dont need a GUID necessarily (although granted it makes it easier)
there seems to be a lot of problems with account creation, why not just remove the necessity of it?


  • PS: everyone I asked to create an acc gets an error.
    i guess because they've already created an acc, and cant create a second?
  • PS: everyone I asked to create an acc gets an error.
    i guess because they've already created an acc, and cant create a second?
    Check the FAQS: http://www.tribesnext.com/forum/index.php?board=8.0
    The above link posted by robertom is also helpful.

    Also, TribesNext doesn't support global banning. That's not why there is account creation.
  • thanks for posting irrelevant links.
    I understand the use of a client, just not account creation. These are separate things.

    I can't create an account due to some ISP firewalling between australia and the acc. creation server. I can't fix this issue, but thanks for the canned condescending FAQ link. It was not helpful =)

    so again.. why do we need account creation? Seems like an irrelevant way to have user/pw's for something that really doesnt need it.
    get better adminning on your server if there are acc abuses, but generally even teamkilling is pretty pointless in t2.
  • We plan to expand on the account's functionality later. This includes the Tribes 2 Browser and T-mail systems. Without accounts, you can't really restore original functionality like regular Tribes 2 used to do.

    Our old temporary system didn't use accounts, but, it had a few security flaws.

    As for your account problem, someone else (maybe I) can probably make one for you. Your computer only communicates with the auth server to create an account, so, PM me your desired name, and I'll generate it for you.
  • ThythThyth Apotheosis Incarnate
    There seem to be a lot of problems for people that don't read the FAQs with account creation. By and large, however, the number of posts on this forum indicating problems is absolutely tiny in comparison to the number of accounts generated. There are 340 support topics on this board, not all of which are regarding account creation, and around 25,000 registered accounts; that's roughly 1% of users having problems worth posting.

    If you have a Nazi ISP, you should be complaining to them, rather than to us. Perhaps you could also be proactive, and learn methods for bypassing ISP censorship; or at least join the IRC channel and have one of the helpful people there generate an account for you.

    As for the reason for accounts? Same reason you have to create an account to post on this forum: so you can be identified, and abuse of services can be more easily mitigated. It's also a process of reserving a name, so other players can't impersonate you online. Additionally, this game's scripts rely on the presence of certain account data (like a unique numerical identifier).

    I may seem irrelevant, if you've never designed a system to satisfy any sort of security requirements. If you feel it's unnecessary, there are a couple of servers that don't use the TribesNext system. If you feel strongly about it, you're free to play on those, and avoid dealing with our account generation system.
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