Voice Commands

For those with crap connections when actual voice chat kills ping rate.
Voice Commands
Prinatable version available.
Learn it. ;D


  • Useful for greenhorn players, but those with even mild experience will have most if not all memorized subconsciously. I remember thinking I would never remember all of them but after a few months when I think I need to say something my fingers have already hit the appropriate keys.

    Neat find though :)
  • Haha, I'll take the memorized voice commands to my grave! As will any one who has played Tribes 2 for a few months or more I think. :P
  • vehvehvehvehvehvehvehvehvehvehvehvehvehvehvehvehvehvehvehvehvehveh

    wait, that's not a default in tribes 2
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