Changing the Thundersword Bombing Reticle

I haven't seen any mods that specifically change this reticle, and it's the only one that really gives me trouble. Anyone know what I can do about it? I know that it's possible to create a custom RET_Mortar.PNG (as well as other weapons), but anyone know if the same can be done with the Thundersword Bombing reticle? Otherwise, is there a custom skin that can do it? A Script? Something, anything???


  • Unzip the Texture.vl2 file in your tribes/game data/base folder.
    When it finishes unzipping, go to the gui folder, in the gui folder are all the reticles for every gun. The Thundersword Bombing Reticle is called hud_ret_bomber. Search for it and change it to whatever you want.
    After all that, zip again the Textures folder (DON`T FORGET TO PUT vl2 INSTEAD OF .ZIP)
    and put it in the base folder again.

    Hope you understand because my english is not good. ::)
  • I actually just made a 256x256 hud_ret_bomber.PNG in Base\Textures\Gui . I would not have been able to do this without you. THANK YOU SO MUCH!
  • Your welcome ;)
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