Dual-Router Hosting Problems

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Hey guys, it's Syn again.

I have my computer plugged into a router, plugged into a modem. I used to be able to host fine on just my modem, but now am unable to. I've configured all the port forwarding, but whenever I host, my console reads, "Your server could not be contacted. Check your IP / Port Configuration." There is no port-forwarding solution on my modem's control panel. I'd appreciate any help given.

Router: Netgear RangeMax NEXT Wireless Router model WNDR3300
Modem: Westell model 2200

I am wired into my router, not wireless, in case of confusion.


[Edit] I think my problem may have been fixed.. it now reads "Server added to list." I updated my router firmware... figures the last thing I'd try would fix it.


  • That's a very difficult area, damn routers lol.. call your ISP
  • I think my problem is fixed.. updated the firmware... what an odd thing. Anyway, it's up. Time to play. :)
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