Spawn armor, medium armor

This is not a thread to get it to change it, just a discussion about it.

Way back in the days of tribes 1 I used to play HaVoC mod alot. You would spawm in medium armor. Now lets say tribes and tribes 2 orginally started out in medium armor with the same 3 weapons as the default spawn armor. What would this change, how would it be fighting medium armors for the new spawn armor.

Medium armor in tribes 1 base was never used that much, light had the mobility, heavy had the mortar. Assualt Class (Medium) in tribes 2 is used much more, decent with the shield pack, used for farming. But would it be to powerful to spawn in because of what it can hold (deployable invens, turret barrels, rocket launcher) and its ability to survive a mortar, or to much of a disadvantage because of lose of mobility and jetting power, or just right....?

Your Thoughts?


  • Playing in spawn would become absolutely impossible. If your team loses it's generators, you absolutely cannot play until you get them back. And it would most likely not make it easier to get them back.
  • Well what made me think of this was from a game i played yesterday. it was on White Dwarf, and they where in the overhead with the generators. It was 3 heavys. I joined mid game so i dont know how long they had our base but they kept hold of it for another 15 mins untill the game ended. If we spawned in medium, imo it woulda been easier. But thats just one example, i'm sure depeneding on the map, and the spawn locations it could shift good or bad.
  • Tribes: Vengeance had medium armor as spawn armor. It was a much worse game for it.

    In Tribes 2, it would basically mean you have to hit up a permanent station rather than just going to a deployed station. This is a massive waste of time.
  • T2 classic is all about CTF, so as long as you can keep capping it doesn't matter if you have a bunch of heavies camped in your gen room. A decent player has a much better chance of capping as a spawned light than a Med. So I would rather spawn as a light. It's also easier to chase right away without hitting an inv first.

    Also, 3 heavies in a gen room can be a pain, but in a small game that is 20 - 50% of the other team that is sitting around, not capping, and not defending. Just don't waste 20 - 50% of your own team trying to get them out.
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