Crashes on load...

edited January 2009 in Support
I originally tried to install T2 from the original game disc I had and run the patch on that. After patching, the Tribes 2 Online shortcut starts the executable, shows a command line with basic information, then crashes saying "path/Tribes2.exe is not a valid Win32 application".

I figured there was some difference between my old version (which I bought in like 2001 right after T2 launched) and the version on this site. I uninstalled T2 then downloaded the version from this site and applied the patch to it. Same problem, nothing different.

I'm really craving T2 here, it's been so long since I played it. I really want to snipe again, I used to be godly back in the day.

EDIT: I'm on XP SP2, I'm pretty sure I've had Tribes 2 running on this computer before, so I don't think there is a strange incompatibility there
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