TSW Launch Pickup

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Tactical Sky Wars is planning a pickup game for Saturday at 9PM EST (2100 @ -0500 GMT) on the Goon Haven TSW server. Come join us for all the vehicle on vehicle action you can stand! This is a serverside vehicle mod, meaning no download required to play, so hop on Goon Haven TSW any time you like to get a feel for the mod.

What is Tactical Sky Wars?
Have you ever played on Houston Vehicles? TSW is a similar concept, using Classic instead of Base and with more vehicles. You may think "hey this is similar to Bones mod", but the difference here is that you can configure your vehicle like you could your armor. Press F2 to pop up the vehicle configuration screen, and you're off. Go to the vehicle pad, create your vehicle, and it's personalized to your playstyle. From Shrike blasters to Chainguns, even a torpedo launcher for those die-hard Owl fans. This includes missiles and flares; by pressing H (healthkit) you can release a Flare.

More into team combat? TSW's got you covered, with multi-passenger vehicles that get more powerful as more players jump on. Control a belly and top turret with the Avenger, or bring your friends for all-out pain with the Retaliator. All turrets have changeable barrels, meaning you can swap out Plasma turrets on the Retaliator with Missile or AA or even Flak Mortar turrets!

And if you're not a person to fly, you can still hop in the tank and blast Shrikes out of the sky with the Flak Mortar. What is this Flak Mortar? You fire, and any time afterwards, pull the trigger again to detonate the Mortar. Skilled tankers can take on all kinds of aerial vehicles.

If you're worried about balance, well no mod is perfect this we all agree, however these changes have been tweaked and perfected over the several months since it's creation. But enough talk, here's some example footage:

More information on Tactical Sky Wars can be found here:
Forums: http://goonhaven.org/forums/viewforum.php?f=10
Wiki: http://wiki.radiantage.com/index.php?title=Tactical_Sky_Wars


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    If anyone would like a beginners tutorial, or get in some dogfighting practice (or both), hit me up on IRC, chat with me in-game (I'm usually on Goon Haven 64) or PM me on the Goon Haven forums.
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    Just to be absolutely sure i don't miss this event. If the event starts at 9pm EST that means the event starts at 2am GMT, is that right?
  • Looks pretty damn sweet. I'm not much of a pilot..But I gotta check this out!
  • Just to be absolutely sure i don't miss this event. If the event starts at 9pm EST that means the event starts at 2am GMT, is that right?

    Yes, 2AM GMT. The time was set this way because of the number of players on Goon Haven at this time of night.
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