Cloaking pack functionality for own mod

On the base the active cloaking pack renders player partially visible. On Classic the cloaking pack renders the player 100% invisible. I have tried to search the code what makes change that without success. I even tried to use the base cloakpack.cs but it does not work at all like on the base. Some reason the classic script runs over on normal variant (base) game.

How to get back the old semi-transparency?


  • In supportClassic.cs...
    // -----------------------------------------------------
    // z0dd - ZOD, 6/22/02. Hack to eliminate texture cheats
    package cloaking
       function ShapeBase::setCloaked(%obj, %bool)
          parent::setCloaked(%obj, %bool);
             %obj.startFade(0, 800, true);
             %obj.startFade(0, 0, false);
  • Thanks, I have tried to grep all scripts where is word "z0dd" added and lots of changes were done. :-D
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