Cygnus Version 2 Server

The Cygnus server has now been patched to TribesNext, is listed as Cygnus on the Master List and defaults to LakRabbit.

If you haven't experienced the speed and wonder of the Version 2 mod, I hope you will drop by. I think you will like it.

If you have comments or requests please feel free to PM me. :)


  • If any of you would like the Admin PW to the server to try different game types and maps, PM me. 8)
  • People will abuse that, I wouldn't give away the admin PW. If you really want to let people become admin, just allow them to vote admins.

    Also, convert to Classic. Once you see the light, you'll never go back.
  • Thanks for the advice teratos.

    Btw, I played Classic for years and still do because of its popularity, but once I tried the Version 2 mod I fell in love with it, it's a little faster and in some ways more balanced; I think a lot of players would enjoy it if they would try it. It could never supplant Classic of course, but it is a great augmentation. :) Variety is the spice of life. 8)
  • it's a little faster and in some ways more balanced

    You may think it's faster because it's incredibly easy to get and maintain speed without doing anything in particular besides hold the spacebar, but calling it balanced is a sin of epic proportions. There have been massive essays as to why this is false written by people who have no life (Kryand).

    The goal of version2 isn't to add variety to the game, but to try to be classic's little brother who only plays easy mode. I'm sure if I wrote a mod where you got 2-3x as much jetpack power and you could ski around without having to look at the lay of the terrain, I'd have a popular mod today that some people try to push on the rest of the community.

    The addition of version2 to the picture does nothing but fracture the community. Do we need to go down this road yet again?
  • Red Shifter: I think the saying is "That's why there is chocolate and vanilla". I'm sure you will need an explanation: people all don't like the same flavors, or games, or have the same opinions about much of anything.

    Anyone should be able to see that I'm trying to contribute to the community, not fracture it. In case you haven't looked at the master server list lately, Classic isn't the only mod listed, although it clearly is the main one being played. Hayall, I play it more often than not because the server most often populated is Classic.

    Not long ago you accused me of being biased, about "bias" and "fracture the community"...your response here fits the mold of the "pot calling the kettle black". I must say your negativism is frustrating to say the least.

    I'm thinking I must have accidentally pissed in your soup sometime in the past, but I suspect the truth is that you try to piss in everyone else's soup every chance you get.

    Since you have had nothing positive to say in any of the threads I've posted, it seems to me that you are doing your best to start a flame. For your information (and everyone else's) I will not read or respond to any more of your posts in the future, so...if you want to to try to piss in my soup, have at it, the only effect you will have will be to wet yourself. :D
  • You know I think this game needs a mod where holding one button makes you hit the speed cap, weapons shoot faster so you can spam them without aiming, and every task is simplified to the point of removing all the need for practice from the game.
  • ThythThyth Apotheosis Incarnate
    I am going to lock this so we don't get another unnecessary religious war over preferred gametypes. If someone wants to contribute a server that runs a ruleset that they prefer, let them. If you like classic, stick to Goon Haven or Branzone.

    So, welcome to TN. Good luck in attracting players to your server.
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