error reading png file

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I'm getting a fatal error usually when the server is changing maps. It happens right about the time I should be getting inserted into obs or just before the countdown. The error reads just like the subject line.
If this is already covered, I'm sorry and please point me in the right direction.

Any help?

edit: It seems to be worse on specific maps, ( it almost always happens on hillside for example.) although I can't confirm that. I've tried several different graphics drivers and I have a .dso script.


  • Sounds like a corrupted installation. You should try a reinstallation, and if the problem persists, a redownload and reinstallation.
  • More information on your system would be helpful if the problem persists.
  • Yeah, this error is generally caused by corruption in the base files. You'll need to replace the vl2s containing the affected textures, or reinstall the game entirely.

    I believe the vl2s from a clean install were uploaded here if you've deleted the installer and don't want to redownload the whole thing. You'll most likely want skins.vl2, textures.vl2, and perhaps classic_maps_v1.vl2.
  • Hey, sorry I haven't responded. I lost my connection for a few days. The bastards think that just because I don't pay the bill, they can turn my shit off whenever they feel like it. Assholes.

    Any chance a texture script like lush could have caused this? I can't remember if I had the problem before I installed that .vl2.

    All the same, I'll try your suggestion first.

    Thanks for the help!
  • Update:

    Replacing those files didn't help, but there is a addendum to the error message. Now it says "Error reading .PNG file- Incomplete Dynamic bit lengths tree"

    If noone has ideas, I'll try the fresh install thing, although I really don't wanna...

    I'm putting a list of maps that cause problems together, so far it's Hillside and Shockridge. Don't know if that helps.

    Win XP home. GeForce fx5200. AMD XP 2900 (2GHZ) 1G ram. Don't laugh.
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