Tribes 3 Confirmed In 2002 What Happened To Hours Of Endless Work?

well ive been scanning the internet like a madman to find those files but nothing comes up nothing more then the confirmation in 2002 by IGN Insider that Tribes 3 Was coming out for the PC one more time. So Whatever happened to all those hours of hardwork. unless one of you know we will never find out. I Read servers were shut down and this is why you have made tribes next.

I dont know if this has come up before but sorry if i remade an old thought.


  • Tribes: Vengeance?

    I'm not sure what you're talking about, but I have a feeling that answers this thread.
  • there was supposed to be a 3rd tribes game to Keep The series and it was never finished.
  • Tribes: Vengeance would technically be the third installment, though most of the Tribes community doesn't consider it as part of the series because it was a complete failure.

    Vivendi released the game, promised patches and mod tools, and then simply dropped all support because it bombed.

    I use the CDs as coasters. :)
  • Seems like tribes vengence could be a very cool game if you know the Code well enough. Its highly mod-able and its got nice graphics. you could easyilly make a nice mod for it within 2-3 months. i make take a swing at it. it seems it could do well and add some cool things. maybe even use it physics engine to my advantage and make UnderWater Lvls.

    anyways i think if tribes 2 had some underwater lvls with its own gamemodes and vehichles that that would rock. like Submarines , FighterShips , Docks and more.
  • For me any game that is considered Tribes or Tribes like shouldnt have a hard boundry period. Thats just one little difference about TV.

    Even if you played LT or spawn CTF on smaller maps its annoying to have hard boundries ala TV or Legions. It immediately limits the game for any of the known mods or base play that played on medium to large maps in "real" Tribes.

    There is so much about TV and Legions that have been watered down and removed. It immediately warrants them less then Tribes. Actually nothing like Tribes. Tribes is the whole package. Its the physics, the jetting and "jump" skiing, the assets, the deployables, the HO, and yes even the vehicles and command map.
  • Tribes Extreme?
    Tribes: Fast Attack?
    and i think there was one with a 20xx, whatever year the xx is
  • Seems like tribes vengence could be a very cool game if you know the Code well enough. Its highly mod-able and its got nice graphics
    No it isn't highly moddable. Modifying the game was a painful experiment conducted by many different (experienced) Tribes modders and nearly all efforts gave up.
    you could easyilly make a nice mod for it within 2-3 months. i make take a swing at it.
    No way can you do it in 2-3 months. You might be able to do a few things, but nothing serious. Especially by yourself.
  • Yes. UTscript is foreign to Tribes, and one of the key features in tribes is scriptability/modability. Perhaps if they (VU) had used another engine, even torque, at the least any opengl based engine, it would have been good. But as we all know, they didn't. Pretty game, fun with some friends, quasi-tribes in nature. Very hard to script, especially serverside. Also, a very effective aimbot was released for it before the game even hit stores. Several of them, in fact.
  • Unreal is one of the best engines out there for modding arguably, it isn't a fault in Unreal's code. It's a fault by IG for modifying the engine to there point where it was "irrationally unmoddable".
  • Wasn't T:V effectively a mod of UT, with a few (if any?) under the hood tweaks to the engine?
  • They removed functionality and re-branded the engine (in places, there were places that still said UT).
  • Sounds like they Made the Failure before it was even Thought of.
  • UT engine is a horrible choice for Tribes, and for ut! The netcode alone is atrocious, even t1 netcode was far better.
  • It bombed for two reasons.
    1) Vivendi dropped the ball. They provided no support and just screwed the community over when they didn't release a patch and just said "sorry..."
    2) The community was not there. The Tribes community complained like 8-year-old children, not all but a majority, about this, that, and the other. Now I had my reservations about the game, somethings I liked, others I didn't but I still played the game and it was actually fun. It was a lot easier to learn than T2, less of a learning curve, and the UT engine is awesome. Just that people weren't happy they went to the Unreal engine instead of updating torque. TV wasn't a bad game, but everyone was at fault at how bad it played out media wise...
  • UT is especially poor in accurate gamestate replication, for instance, you can be looking at someone in the distance in game (tv), and they're not even looking at you much less aiming at you. next thing you know you are dead, shot through the head by the guy who, as you plainly saw on your screen, wasn't looking at you. In UT play this is the "rockets from out of nowhere" effect. This is a shite engine.
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