I've been working on this gametype for a couple weeks, and here's my first release. Note that this gametype is built for Classic mod. NotRabbit is a gametype about running around and touching some flags. It's not even remotely like Rabbit. You go around and try to touch flags rather than duel people.

- Some flags are dropped around the map randomly. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to touch each flag in order.
- Try to touch each flag before the timer expires for bonus points. Go fast.
- Discjump between flags to get faster. You get infinite health in this gametype, but only 2 discjumps per flag.
- Disc your enemies to slap them and kill their momentum. It'll piss them off, and it'll give you points. It's a win-win!
- I'm serious when I say to play this under Classic mod.

If you want to play this offline, drop the VL2 in your base folder and then run the game under Classic mod. If you want to host this on a server... well, I assume the VL2 will do just fine, but you should take note of these additional features:

- Absolutely no customization features!
- No spawnspheres to learn about to make maps!
- Real-time weapon change allows you to strike giant enemy crabs with Spinfusor or Targeting Laser for massive damage! (Giant Enemy Crab not included.)
- I'm really, really serious. Don't play this on your non-classic server.


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    I don't approve of this thread. Don't play Notrabbit![/sarcasm]
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    @Red Shifter: looks interesting, I may have to try it out.
  • NotRabbit v0.2 has been released! The major change is that a completely new set of maps were created.

    Minor changes include:
    - Allowed slaps at lower speeds (50kph)
    - Fixed flag generation algorithm
    - There are now infinite discjumps until you start a combo
    - Added more swear words to the source code
  • I put it on Practice and Competition.
  • awww
    no crabs?
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