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there was a EU ftp with alot of tribes stuff (scripts, skins, clan replays...) and especially ALOT of movies, but atm its offline.

but there are some of the movies at youtube (low q ofc) :)

a promo vid by yavor ->

very long (4 parts)and funny movie by famous hades clan (starts to become funny at min 3 :) ), also consists of some cast voice recs ->

tribute to all HOS ->

community vid


if the ftp is up, ill post here...


  • You can download the hades and some other movies at (broesmeli's site)
  • Anyone have a good video with lots of action, tons people yelling with the voicebinds and general insanity?

    I want a good video that's not covered up by someone's gay choice in music, to show off to people that I'm trying to get to play. Something that shows what a good, fun game of Tribes 2 is like.
  • Ask someone good to make a recording on goon haven in a non-blowout game, doing a variety of jobs(LO/HO/capper at least), have it sent to you and then FRAPS/camtasia it? :p
  • yavor made his movie for this intension (first in list)
  • I'll have to rewatch it when I get home. If I remember right, all those movies were covered up with music though.
  • you need a clan server that everyone uploaded their demos to. they exist and have been exploited.

    as a player i know what you need to know. what you want to see,
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